City gives aid to Luzon flood victims

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte called for a special emergency session of the Davao City Council yesterday afternoon to appropriate funds to help victims of Typhoon Ondoy in Metro Manila and Luzon.

Twenty of 27 members of the City Council showed up in the hastily arranged emergency session and approved P10 million in cash assistance to the Philippine National Red Cross.

The Mayor also donated the equivalent of his one month salary and the councilors present followed his lead. The total amount is more than P10.5 million. He directed the city’s chief of police Chief Supt. Ramon Apolinario to fly the cash this morning so that PNRC can buy food, water and other needs to help the flood victims.

The City Government and Davaoenos also extended help in the past like those struck by calamities in northern Mindanao, Leyte and Samar.

City Council Agenda March 17

Calendar of Business of the City Council today:

Invocation by Councilor Rachel P. Zozobrado (3rd Dstrict);

Pambansang Awit; Tayo ay Dabawenyo

Roll Call

Reading & Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Session on March 10;

Privilege Hour;

First Reading – 15 Item (Nos. 1811 – 1825)

Third & Final Reading – 3 Items,namely Item No. 1672 – MOA among the City Government, Barangay 7-A and Davao Doctor’s College on the adoption by the DDC of a pre-school at Barangay 7-A (Proposed by Councilors Ma. Belen Acosta and Tomas Monteverde IV) ; Item No. 1268 – Ordinance regulating motorcades within Davao City (Proposed by Councilor Bonifacio Militar) and Item No. 1652 – Ordinance upgrading, reclassifying and creating new plantilla positions in the City Government’s Structure and Staffing Pattern (Proposed by Councilor Peter Lavina);

Unfinished Business – 1 Item – Item No. 1247 Reclassification from “Protected Light Industrial” to “Heavy Industrial” zone at Barangay Binugao for a softdrink bottling plant of InterBev Philippines (Proposed by Councilor Arnolfo Ricardo Cabling);

Second Reading (New Committee Reports) – 13 Items, e.g. Item No. 1250 – Petition to lower the rental fees at the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal Proposed by Councilor Ma. Belen Acosta); Item No. 1747 – Supplemental Budget No. 1 for Calendar Year 2009 (Proposed by Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang); Item No. 1459 – Application for Development Permit (DP) by Villa de Mercedes for Phase 3 and 5 of the subdivision located at Barangay Catigan containing an area of 29.7 hectares (Proosed by Councilor Arnolfo Ricardo Cabling)

City Council Agenda today

I will render two committee reports today, one under the Committee on Trade, Commerce and Industry and the other under the Committee on Appointments and Government Reorganization, namely

Item No. 1654 – Mini-trade fair at Toril Plaza;

Item No. 1652 – Request of Mayor Rodrido Duterte for the upgrading, reclassification and creation of new plantilla positions in the city government of Davao;

Other highlights of today’s City Council agenda are:

First Reading – 23 Items (Nos. 1782 – 1809)

Unfinished Business – Item No. 1247 – Request for reclassification by Interbev Philippines, Inc. of property at Barangay Binugao as site for softdrink bottling plant from “protected light industrial zone” to “heavy industrial zone;”

Second Reading (New Items)

Item No. 1268 – Proposed Ordinance regulating motorcades in the city of Davao;

Item No. 1775 – Updated list of the Local Development Investment Plan (LDIP) for Calendar Years 2008-2010 consistent with the Comprehensive Development Plan of 1996-2021 of the City of Davao.

City Council March 3 Agenda

Calendar of Business for the Regular City Council Session today:

Invocation by Councilor Angela Librado-Trinidad;

National Anthem; City March;

Roll Call;

Reading & Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Session;

Privilege Hour; I will discuss the return of this shady “housing group” victimizing people about dubious subdivision projects.

First Reading – Item Nos. 1777 to 1786

Third & Final Reading – Item 1728 – Ordinance granting amusement tax exemption to Mebuyan Peace Project for the musicale “Ay Quile!” Item No. 1689 Ordinance approving the MOA between the City Government and the Upsilon Sigma Phi for the donation of a 90-foot flagpole at the People’s Park; Item 1650 – Ordinance declaring June 19 of every year as “Araw ng Gatungan;” Item No. 1472 – Ordinance grating legislative authority for the loan agreement with Route 10 Multipurpose Cooperative;

Second Reading (Deferred Items) – 8 Items, e.g. Item No. 1660 – Application for PALC of Elenita Heights Subdivision Phase III at Barangay Catalunan Grande containaing an area of 5 hectares; Item No. 1658 – Application for PALC of North Forest Subdivision at Barangay Maa containing an area of 2.2 hectares; Item No. 1247 – Request for reclassification of InterBev at Barangay Binugao from “Protected Light Industrial” to “Heavy Industrial” for a proposed carbonated softdrink bottling plant;

Second Reading (New Items) – 8 Items

City Council Feb 24 Agenda

Calendar of Business of the City Council Regular Session today:

Invocation by Councilor Halila Y. Sudagar (SK)

National Anthem; City March

Roll Call

Reading and Approval of the Minutes of the Feb 17 Regular Session

Privilege Hour

First Reading – Item Nos. 1757 to 1773

Third & Final Reading – Item No. 1690 – Amusement Tax exemption for Operation Smile Philippines for its David Pomeranz Concert on Feb 28;

Unfinished Business – Item No. 1644 – Application for Preliminary Approval & Locational Clearance for Deca Homes Esperanza located at Barangay Tigatto containing an area of 29.3 hectares, more or less;

Deferred Items under Second Reading – 16 Items

New Items under Second Reading – 13 Items, e.g. Item No. 1689 – Proposed donation by Upsilon Sigma Phi of a 90-foot flagpole at the People’s Park; Item No. 1654 – Proposed mini-trade fair at Toril Plaza contained in Barangay Resolution No. 38-08 of Barangay Crossing Bayabas; Request for Amusement Tax exemption for the musicale “Ay Quile” of Mebuyan Peace Project, Inc. on March 5,6 and 8 at the CAP Auditorium.

1st City Council Session for 2009

Here are the items up for today’s first regular session of the City Council for this year:

Invocation – Councilor Diosdado Angelo A. Mahipus (2nd Distrct);

National Anthem; City March

Roll Call

Reading of the minutes of the December 15 and December 16 sessions;

Privilege Hour

First Reading – 8 items

Third & Final Reading – 2 Items

Second Reading (Deferred Items) – 6 Items, e.g. Item No. 1019 – Proposed take over by the City Government of the Tibungco District Hospital; Item No. 1511 PALC of Alsons for Norfolk Place located at Eden, Toril District containing an area of 9 hectares; Item No. 1596 PALC of Alsons for Northcrest Expansion located at Cabantian, Buhangin District containing an area of 40 hectares;

Second Reading (New Items) – 10 Items, e.g. Item No. 1298 Letter of Mini-Forest Homeowners and Neighborshood Association re award of parcel of land situated at Isla Verde; Item Nos. 1138, 1178, 1201, 1263 applications for accreditation as people’s organizations and cooperatives

Political dynasties

In his column today at the Manila Times, Marlen Ronquillo wrote about political dynasties. He asks “are they good or bad?

He did not really answer his own question. Instead, he cited the proliferation of political clans from his native Pampanga spawning 2nd and 3rd generations of politicians and others spreading to many parts of the country.

Davao is likewise ruled by political clans. In fact, more than 80 percent of incumbent elected officials have relatives who were similarly elected in the past or have been in high positions. Here’s my initial list:

Mayor Rody Duterte/ Vice Mayor Sara Duterte/ Councilor Paolo Duterte – father/grandfather Vicente Duterte was Governor of undivided Davao and Secretary of General Services; brother/ uncle Benjamin Duterte was one-term City Councilor;

Speaker and 1st District Rep Boy Nograles – uncle Antonio Castillo was long-time City Councilor; uncle Pedro Castillo was 1971 Concon Delegate; brother Gerry Nograles served as one-term City Councilor

2nd District Rep Vince Garcia – father Manuel “Nonoy” Garcia was Batasan Pambansa Member and Congressman; grandfather was former Mayor Leon Garcia; a number of cousins are members of the City Council – Garcia-Monteverde-Bangoy-Reta clan

3rd District Rep Sid Ungab – father was Deputy Mayor; related also to Partylist Rep and former City Councilor Luz Calolot Ilagan;


Nilo Abellera – father was former City Councilor; brother was former OIC Vice Mayor;

Mabel Sunga Acosta -

Vic Advincula -

Wilberto Al-ag – brother and wife are Barangay Captains;

Dante Apostol, Sr. – father was appointed City Councilor; brother is Barangay Captain;

Leo Avila III -

Conrado Baluran – son is Barangay Councilor;

Samuel Bangoy – grandfather was former Governor; uncles and brother were members of the City Council; related with Garcia-Monteverde-Bangoy-Reta clan

Karlo Bello – grandfather was former City Mayor and Congressman; father served in many Cabinet posts;

Louie John Bonguyan – father was former City Councilor and Vice Mayor; uncle is Barangay Councilor

Pilar Braga – father was former Governor;

Arnolfo Ricardo Cabling – father is Barangay Captain; uncle former City Councilor;

Danilo Dayanghirang – relatives served in various posts in Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley;

Edgar Ibuyan – son is Barangay Captain;

Peter Lavina -

Diosdado Mahipus, Sr. – brother-in-law was City Councilor;

Tess Mata-Maranon – mother was former City Councilor;

Bonifacio Militar – son is a Barangay Councilor;

Tomas Monteverde – father was long-time City Councilor; related with Garcia-Monteverde-Bangoy-Reta clan;

Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz – father and brother were City Councilors;

Susabel Reta – husband was City Councilor; brother-in-law is Barangay Captain; related with Garcia-Monteverde-Bangoy-Reta Clan;

Halila Sudagar -

Angela Librado-Trinidad – father and mother were both City Councilors;

Louie Villafuerte – father was City Councilor;

Rachel Zozobrado – father was City Councilor

The absence of genuine political parties in the country gave rise to these political dynasties. These clans played the crucial role in organizing the citizens, particularly their own relatives, provincemates and friends into potent political machineries. They have also invested resources in maintaining such political organizations in between elections. It is therefore not surprising if the same machineries would carry one of their own in the succeeding political contests.

So, are they good or bad? Your guess is as good as mine.

But judging from the sheer numbers, political dynasties must be acceptable to the electorates.

City Council Output

Here are some interesting stats on the performance of the City Council in 2008 (January to November). The four session of December were not yet included:

Total Number of Sessions – 47

Total Number of Public Hearings – 292

Total Number of Ordinances – 103

Total Number of Resolutions – 983

Total Number of Ordinances Published in Local Papers – 10

Total Number of Ordinances Posted in Public Places – 98

Total Number of Ordinances Translated into Local Dialect – 90

Total Number of Resolutions Translated into Local Dialect – 525

Resolution & Ordinance Tracking System (1956 – Present) – 63,686 Records – Encoded 89%; Proofread 73%


Day 1 of the New Year and I guess I need to start the countdown to the end of my 3rd term in the City Council.

2009 would be my last full year in the City Council. My 9-year, 3-term stint at the local legsilative body ends on June 30, 2010.

There are still plenty of work to do and this year would indeed be a busy one. After taking it slow the past year to help me recover from my stomach ailment, I must now take extra effort to work harder and try to complete my legislative agenda.

January 6 is the resumption of the City Council session and I have already lined up three measures, namely, the extension up to January 31 the period for the renewal of business licenses, which is set by law during the first 20 days of the month; preparations for the Chinese New Year and inauguration of the second arch at Chinatown; and release of the balance of the city government Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) as a result of the Supreme Court decision declaring the conversion of 16 towns into new cities last year as illegal.

On the last issue, the city is supposed to receive P2.055 billion in IRA shares last year. But because of the creation of new cities, this was reduced to P1.861 billion. Instead of an increase of P263 million from the previous year, the city got only an additional P69 million, thereby losing about P194 million.

With the High Court ruling, the city rightfully deserves to receive the full share of the IRA. We need this money to help pump prime the local economy and provide more social services as we face the effects of the global recession in our city.

Thank you to the Christmas cheers from Franklyn Ong of Pasajero Motors, Johnny Martinez of Mantex and DCWD.

Diamond Jubilee

I went to the early dawn mass this morning, the second day of the misa de gallo to usher in the Christmas season.

The mass was led by no less than the Archbishop of Davao, Monsignor Fernando Capalla to kick off the year-long celebration to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the of the Archdiocese of Davao next year.

Five city councilors were present during the eucharistic celebration, namely, Bel Reta, Tess Mata-Maranon, Dado Mahipus, Conde Baluran and myself.

The archdiocese was founded on December 17, 1949. The 60th year celebration of the archdiocese has for its theme “Remembering the past with gratitude” “Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever” (Heb. 13:8).

Last City Council session today

Dawn masses ushered in today the official start of the Christmas season. The City Council took part in this annual ritual taking care of the food stalls infront of the San Pedro Cathedral and the City Council building.

The offering of the free stalls for food vendors would run nine days.

The regular City Council session today is scheduled at 1 p.m. because a  number of our colleagues, our SP Secretary Leika Lopez and her staff burned the midnight candle to help organize the traditional “simbang gabi” food fair.

The calendar of business today includes items not taken up in yesterday’s session and a few additions including the request of the Bankerohan Meat Vendors Coop for the extension of their slaugherhouse permit, which expires at the end of this year.

Passed unnoticed by the local media yesterday was the City Council’s favorable endorsement for Legaspi Oil’s plan for a Special Economic Zone at Barangay Sasa.

One of the remaining important items left at the City Council agenda is the hydro power plant project of clean energy company Hedcor at Tamugan.

Thanks for more Christmas gifts from Councilor Mabel Acosta, Councilor Conde Baluran and University of the Philippines (UP-Mindanao)

Dec 15 City Council Agenda

Here’s the Calendar of Business of the regular session of the City Council for today:

Invocation by Councilor Edgar R. Ibuyan (1st District);

National Anthem; City March

Roll Call

Privilege Hour

First Reading – 6 Items (Nos. 1623 – 1628)

Third & Final Reading – 3 Items – Item No. 1556 Amusement tax exemption for Gary Valenciano concert for a cause on December 22; Item No. 1591 Amusement tax exemption for Barney show on December 16; Item No. 1074 reclassification of 12,649 square meters from protected light industrual zone to heavy industrial zone at Barangay Binugao

Committee of the Whole – 5 Items – Item Nos. 1257, 399, 400, 379, 386 all pertaining to application of cell sites of various telecom companies;

Second Reading (Deferred Items) – 22 Items, e.g. Item No. 1044-A investigation of the kiling of Datu Dominador Diarog, chieftain of the K’lata Tribe at Barangay Manuel Guianga on april 29, 2008; Item Nos. 984-B and 1126 on the plans of Hedcor, Inc. to tap the Tamugan, Panigan and Suawan Rivers for a hydro-electric power project;

Second Reading (New Committee Reports) – 6 Items, e.g. Item No. 1539 Deed of Donation by the Shelter Development Cooperative involving road lots, open spaces and community facilities at Concorde Village at Barangay Tugbok and Centennial Village at Barangay Ula; Item No. 1596 Application for Preliminary Approval & Locational Clearance for Northcrest Expansion by Alsons Development & Investment Corp. with an area of 40.8 hectares at Barangay Cabantian; Item No. 1581 – request for favorable endorsement for the application of Special Economic Zone of Legaspi Oil Co. Inc. located at Barangay Sasa

Nov 11 City Council Agenda

Calendar of Business for today’s City Council Regular Session starting at 9 am:

Invocation – Councilor Karlo S. Bello (3rd District)

National Anthem; City March

Roll Call

Reading & Approval of the Minutes of the Nov 4 Session

Privilege Hour

First Reading – 13 Items (Item Nos. 1545 – 1557) e.g. Item No. 1545 – Application for PALC of Ocean Cove, a low-density subdivision, at Barangay Bago Aplaya containing an area of 18.3 hectares; Item No. 1548 – IRR of the Watershed Code of Davao City; Item No. 1554 – Complaint of Samantha Homes against Foothills Realty Development for the implementation of subdivision plans; Item No. 1556 – Request for tax exemption for the Gary Valenciano concert of NCCC Cares Foundation on December 22, 2008

Third & Final Reading – Item No. 1018 – Ordinance reclassifying 28.6 hectares from agricultural to residential zone at Barangay Catalunan Grande; Item No. 1449 – Tax exemption of Jose Mari Chan Concert on November 29, 2008

Committee of the Whole – Item No. 1025 – PALC of Palm Grove at Barangay Matina Pangi; Item No. 1207 – PALC of Positano Subdivision at Barangay Matina Pangi;

Second Reading (Deferred Items) – 2 Items

Second reading (New Items) – 5 Items, e.g. Naming of Mandug-Callawa Road to “Manuel G. Cabaguio,” in honor of the pioneer settler in the area; Item No. 1070 – Request for service firearms for the security of the City Economic Enterprise Management Office; Item No. 1303 – Request for Legislative Authorization for the installation of fiber optic cables from Barangay Panacan to Barangay Lasang

Comment from NZ

Here’s a comment sent to us through the contact page.

Hi Pete,

I just heard the news about the plan of converting the Artica Dome into a crematorium cum mausoleum? Is this true? This proposal, despite the high propobability that the facility will collapse should an earthquake start to wiggle it?

The notion that “it is OK to be turned into a place for the dead , after all – they are dead – in case it collapses, it’s OK because inside it are dead already” , is DISGUSTING.

A decent and moral society is judged on how it treats those who cannot defend themselves. The ultimate moral decay of society is reached when that society cannot even pay proper respects for the dead.

I hope you will put a sense out of this mess when this issue comes into your turf in the City Council.

If the place if indeed unsafe, there are only two options: structural strengthening/earthquake proofing (which is what builders in Wellington are doing to almost all high-rise building in this city. as you may know, Wellington (and perhapd the whole of NZ, is in a fault line too.), and demolition of the entire facility.


Banjo Roxas
Wellington, New Zealand

I myself was surprised by this suggestion. The donation of the land for the dome stipulated that it be used for a sports facility, so it is not possible to convert it for other purposes. In fact, the family that donated the land had an immediate unfavorable reaction to the proposed crematorium.

If ever the Mayor would change his mind on this facility, the best thing to do it to retrofit it as you have suggested. Mayor Rody Duterte mothballed this project due principally to safety concerns.

Nov. 4 City Council Agenda

Calendar of Business of the 40th Regular Session today of the City Council:

Invocation – Councilor Samuel B. Bangoy (2nd District)

National Anthem; City March

Roll Call

Reading & Approval of the Minutes of the Oct. 28 Session

Privilege Hour

First Reading – 18 Items – Nos. 1525 – 1544, e.g. Item No. 1525 – Letter request of Leonora D. Lim for favorable endorsement for their application for reclamation with the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) for their beach resort at Times Beach; Item No. 1528 – Proposed resolution for the inspection, rehabilitation and installation of fire hydrants in strategic areas of the city; Item No. 1535 – Proposed resolution to enact an Ordinance providing guidelines for queuing of passengers of public utility vehicles in specified public places in Davao City;

3rd & Final Reading – Item No. 1018 – Reclassification of 28.6 hectares from agricultural to residential zone at Barangay Catalunan Grande;

Committee of the Whole – Item No. 1025 – PALC of Palm Grove at Barangay Matina Pangi containing an area of 13.6 hectares; Item No. 1207 – PALC of Positano Subdivision at Barangay Matina Pangi containing an area of 19.3 hectares

Unfinished Business – Item No. 875-B – Request for tax exemption by the Samahan ng mga Musikeros sa Davao, Inc.

2nd Reading (Deferred Items) – 9 Items

2nd Reading (New Items) – 5 Items, e.g. Requests for tax exemption for concerts/shows – Item No. 1287 – Ambon, Ulan, Baha featuring actor Tommy Abuel; Item No. 1311 – Laugh out loud featuring Arnel Ignacio and giselle Sanchez; and Item No. 1449 – Jose Mari Chan concert


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