Arch of unity

Tj would be happy with this news. He would have a new landmark to write about in Neo Davao.

At 3 p.m. today, the Dabaw Kaisa Foundation, the Tsinoy association in the city, will launch together with the Davao Chinatown Project, its Arch of Unity at the end of Magsaysay Ave. in front of the popular Park.

No less than Mayor Rody Duterte would be around for the rites along with the officers, members and supporters of Kaisa led by its chair Angie Angliongto and president Dr. Romy Du.

I will emcee the brief program as a member myself of the Kaisa.

This would be the second of the four arches planned in the Chinatown area. The first one at the other end of the avenue is now being built by the Villa Abrille clan.

Funded purely by private groups, the project aims to help beautify and perk up business and tourism in the Chinatown area. It is supported by a City Ordinance authored by my good friend Councilor Bel Reta. (5:15 a.m.)

One Response to “Arch of unity”

  1. Allen O Says:

    Hi Councilor Pete,

    This would be a nice addition to Davao’s tourism. I just hope some of the business owners learn a little more of customer service. Some of them treat their customer’s like crap ! I’m afraid if the shopping experience is not a good one because of bad service and rudeness, not too many tourists, foreign or local will come back. The wonders of the internet will surely spread the word. Maybe an educational campaign or PR education would do wonders for some of these retailers.

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