Cost overruns

We know that waste and graft and corruption are key factors in the mounting budget deficit of the national government.

But would you believe this shocking news – cost overruns on 21 mega projects total to P36.8 billion.

Yikes, P36.8 billion! And they represent 34 percent of the project cost!

This amount is more than enough to build 1 hospital for every province in the country at P500 million each or 1 health center for every barangay nationwide at P 1 million each.

Now, I am more convinced that government has become a refuge of the incompetents! (5:30 a.m.)


2 Responses to “Cost overruns”

  1. gari Says:

    Hi Sir Pete,

    Finally, done with your funchain/blogspot, nice to have you on a WP platform.

    Btw, you’ve been tagged for the fun of it, bawal po ang KJ, konsehal.


  2. wnv Says:


    You need not go far to see the cost overruns. Fact is cost overruns are in your backyard, too, if you know what I mean.

    As far as incompetents go – it is rocket science. The middle class is voting with its feet.

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