Tap water

About two months ago, I wrote in my old blog how my wife, Evelyn, had been pondering that we stop the delivery of bottled water in the house.

She said she wants us to drink tap water again. Not because bottled water costs a lot but because she said tap water is much better than those “mineral waters.”

Well, it has been two weeks since we stopped the delivery of bottled water. And things are fine so far. We did not miss bottled water a bit.

Here is one reason my wife was absolutely correct. (11:45 a.m.)

2 Responses to “Tap water”

  1. Batang Yagit Says:

    that won’t apply to manila and cebu’s water supply. hehehe

  2. Jun Macarambon Says:

    because of mineral bottled here in the philippines may just be a tap water?

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