I was rather rude last night when former City Engineer Meinrado Metran dropped by my house for a chat. I was not able to stay with him for long as I was busy creating a wiki. He is now a Consultant at the Engineering and Development Corporation of the Philippines in Manila.

If you search wikislation on Yahoo or Google, most likely you will end up with my experiments on this regard. I sort of pioneered wikislation last year when it was introduced to me by Elmer Soriano. Unfortunately I did not have the time to pursue it.

I have just revived it as a tool in my other blog. You can access it too in my sidebar.

I am using this wiki to offer you dear reader as my co-author in my legislative proposals. I hope this new project would help promote participatory governance. If blogging has created the citizen-journalists, well, wikislation will create the citizen-legislators!

Speak up citizen! What do you think about my proposals initially posted at my wiki?

MOA to intensify anti-illegal recruitment campaign

Opposition to increases in government fees

Creation of a Local Health Care System

(5:19 a.m.)

One Response to “Wikislation”

  1. bananachoked Says:

    Sir, interview unta ko nimo ani sir.

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