Walk for clean air

At about this time, the walk for clean air in Davao City must be underway from Freedom Park to Magsaysay Park.
Sorry that I cannot join the fun. At least four groups were I belong are joining – Clean Air Davao Coalition, Davao Green EAGLES (Energy Alternatives for Green Living & Economic Sustainability), Dabaw Kaisa Foundation, and the Ateneo de Davao clean air team led by Kristine Omar.

Godspeed to all participants! (6:11 a.m.)

One Response to “Walk for clean air”

  1. Dexter Evangelio Says:

    Project Blueberry: Initiative 001

    Davaohive Launches Project Blueberry at http://www.davaohive101.wordpress.com.

    Be Part of Project Blueberry’s Earth Congress and be an advocate against Environmental Degradation! Promote Green Conservation and commit to our Habitat’s Preservation. http://www.davaohive101.wordpress.com

    Project Blueberry: Initiative 001 [EARTH CONGRESS]

    Environmental Awareness for Rehabilitating our Tortured Habitat

    Earth Congress aims to popularize Global Environmental Activism, promote Pro-Green Mechanisms, and infuse in our culture a crusade to protect our ailing Mother Earth.

    Earth Congress is an initiative to convene all Environmental Groups from all sectors in the community who are in accord on its objectives, aspirations, and determination of SAVING MOTHER EARTH AND MITIGATE THE ILL EFFECTS OF HUMAN INTERVENTION IN THE NATURAL WORLD.


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