I support new moves for a federal set up in the country to partly help solve the so-called “Mindanao problem.”

A federal state for our Muslims in the south would definitely be a much better solution than the regional autonomy, contained in the GRP-MNLF Peace Agreement, or the proposed ancestral domain areas now being contemplated under the GRP-MILF Talks.

But the whole trouble with this proposal is the need to amend the Constitution, which is still being opposed by majority of our countrymen.

In the last Charter change express, the federalism bait was used to catch a wider support for both the ConCom and the People’s Initiative. Unfortunately, people saw that it was mere cover for the real intent to shift to a parliamentary form of government.

Many sectors are concerned that tinkering with the Charter could open many changes in it that could include issues on military bases, patrimony, etc. (7:22 a.m.)

2 Responses to “Federalism”

  1. Marco Says:

    Go ako sa Federalism 🙂

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