Bad news

Bad news for the BPO industry which our city is trying to promote.

The country’s ranking as BPO investment destination has slipped to 8th place from 3rd after India and China.

Now, it is outranked by Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. If we wont shape up, Bulgaria, Mexico, Singapore and Vietnam are closely at our tail.

The 6th Mindanao ICT Summit should take this matter seriously in its October meeting here.

The reasons for the downgrade – political instability, infrastructure weaknesses and low IT maturity.

(5:22 a.m.)

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6 Responses to “Bad news”

  1.   Bad news by The Philippines According to Blogs Says:

    […] Now, it is outranked by Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. If we wont shape up, Bulgaria, Mexico, Singapore and Vietnam are closely at our tail. Please continue here. […]

  2. ericzoo Says:

    I think one of the problems is the lack of a targeted effort from the government and academes to cultivate or nurture an IT driven workforce. IT is both a service and creative(output driven) industry and that in itself is reason enough not to discount its importance to the economy of any city or country.

  3. champagnelined Says:

    I was able to come across the same article and it really is a serious issue that should be addressed. I believe the government is also encouraging many to go into the IT field instead of the already populated nursing scene, but perhaps, more publicity is needed.

  4. Nelia Says:

    Hi Sir Lavina,

    We at ICT group appreciate so much your parallelogram awareness towards the ICT and/or BPO Industry.

    Perhaps, we must create a hard foundation on the academe (ICT and Business Management).

    If we have strong ICT professionals and not supervise with a good man, the process will fail.

    I suggest for a round table discussion of all the speakers before the MICT Congress and BIMP EAGA. This is to enhance the particular topic and make necessary suggestions to attain the goal of the Congress. The second purpose is to prevent misalignment issues.

    Thank you very much. Your topic will make us aware and always on the look out.


  5. Dominique Says:

    Very bad news, indeed. Things always seem to fall apart somewhere.

  6. reyian Says:

    The failure for CHED to incorporate intensive faculty training and create realistic and more focused On-the-job training for students are one of the causes of these problems. This may not be in general but some schools have this problem in my observation. The government should also reform the reformed Higher education act. Just like in the US, the state dictates who will teach the said subjects. The state nominates people from the industry. Well, the problem is, we not have a solid IT industry yet. Also, most of these IT graduates migrate to other cities like Cebu or in Manila. The government should exert more effort on enticing multinational investments in the city.

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