500% hike in airport fee

I just drafted a Resolution for consideration at the City Council session today regarding the increase in the airport terminal fee at the Davao (Bangoy) International Airport.

From Forty Pesos (P 40.00), the Department of Transportation & Communication has mandated the increase to Two Hundred Pesos (P 200.00) or 500 % hike starting today.

This is a clear added burden on passengers and a dis-incentive for travel, which is being promoted by the government.

Since the opening of the new airport in 2003, I have been saying all along that the blame for the failure of the government to attract more airlines to serve the airport would be passed on to consumers.

Well, here it is. Because no new airlines have come to Davao, therefore, no added revenue for the airport, they now bleed the passengers dry with this airport fee increase.

(6:28 a.m.)

7 Responses to “500% hike in airport fee”

  1. Maying Says:

    failure of the government to attract more airlines to serve the airport would be passed on to consumers.
    Well, what else is new? Consumers ALWAYS bear the burden and its seems that no matter how loud we complain about it, nothing happens. Same old story.

  2. Schumey Says:

    How I wish we have more leaders like you who stares the problems in the eye than sweep them under the rug. Our leaders should see the realities on the ground than let their subordinates tackle the issues while they simply mouth off their reports. We need leaders who has good grasp of what is happening around them. Keep up the good work.

  3. Peter Says:

    Salamat Maying and Schumey for your comments.

    I believe the government, DOTC/ATO in particular, should rethink its strategy. They should work to lure more air carriers to serve our airports. More planes mean more revenues for them, instead of passing the burden on hapless passengers.

  4. nik Lim Says:

    its about time that they raised the airport terminal fee.i think the P200 is reasonable enough to maintain the the world class facility at the davao airport. the old domestic terminal at pasay had been charging ( or robbing ? ) the travelling public the same rate for a delapidated terminal for almost a decade and nobody is complaining and here you have a first rate airport and only charges P40 ! c’mon guys,get real!

  5. reyian Says:

    Thanks for the swift move. Why would they make it the same as with Manila’s airport? Operating expenses in Davao are far more cheaper compared with Davao and other airport terminals. They should have conducted a public consultation before they do such things compulsively.

  6. Alvinfred Says:

    hmmm., I think Php200 increase is enough for the new airport for them to maintain the smoothness of the DIA.

    In fairness of the DIA, it is very modern-look and elegant. I wish I could live there., hEheHE

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