Booking problems

This may sound as “news” to the uninitiated. But we have been telling this all along.

If the country wants to dramatically increase its tourist arrivals, it needs more flights and rooms to accommodate our visitors.

The so-called peace and order image problem in the country is the least concern abroad.

There are also violent incidents in France, Spain, US, Italy and UK, particularly “terrorist bombings” but how come they are the world’s top tourist draws?

They have the sites, the infra and the transport links.

Many areas in the country have plenty of sites, but unfortunately little infra and very limited transport links.

On the latter point, because our air carriers lack the plans and the planes to bring the tourists, we should adopt an “open skies” regime to lure in more foreign carriers.

In the case of Clark, we have seen how the “open skies” policy there raised its visitor arrivals from practically nil in 2003 to over 1 million in less than four years, truly a dramatic increase.

It is elementary. The success of Clark should be replicated in the whole country, if not in our key gateways like Davao.

(5:40 a.m.)


7 Responses to “Booking problems”

  1. ericzoo Says:

    Surely there are good reasons why the local government haven’t adopted said policy? Perhaps there are negative side effects that may be absent on Clark but a possibility when it comes to the city of Davao. Or perhaps our good local office haven’t figured out how to execute Open skies policy with maximum benefits for themselves… este … for the city. Or perhaps they have already and the major airlines balked at the “asking” price.

    Seriously, maybe theres a reluctance among major airlines interested to enter into Davao, due to the city’s not so affluent living standards compared to Cebu or Manila hence low egress and ingress of people. Perhaps if we, as a city, create sustained influx of visitors and tourists that the local airlines are filled to the brim, then the Open Skies policy will naturally become relevant and considered.

  2. Blogie Says:

    This is so true, Councilor! And I agree, we must adopt an Open Skies policy. PAL should withdraw its petition against Open Skies — this airline is being too backward!

  3. Peter Says:

    Ericzoo for your info the local government has been pushing this policy during the last four years. Its Malacanang that is not acting on it. Reason – political pressure from CAB which is dominated by stooges of the our so-called national carrier.
    At least six to ten foreign airlines are interested to fly direct to Davao. I do not agree with the chicken-or-egg formulation. Which should come first, airlines or passengers. I believe in both. If there are passengers, arilines come in. Look at the remarkable experience of Silkair in its flight to Davao. And if there are airlines, passengers will follow. Look at Cebu Pacific now overtaking PAL as the country’s No. 1 carrier.

  4. Peter Says:

    Blogie, when Avelino Zapanta was president of PAL he came down to Davao to oppose my proposal for an “open skies.” Now that he is out of it and leads another airline – SEAir, he is now all for it. Ha ha ha!

  5. ericzoo Says:

    Considering those facts, my argument is obliterated. :)… its clear that CAB has cost us at least four years of improved tourism. If only we could decide directly on it without going through a lot of people up in Malacañang…

  6. David Says:

    pliz am doing aresearch on airline booking system, i want 2 know the problems encountering it, how tthe can be solve.
    am student doin ma research jst help if u can pliz

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