GIs no fair game in Mindanao

It has been over four years since American special forces have been in many hot spots in Mindanao. And no casualty!?

I am intrigued by the writings of the chairwrecker here and here about the US involvement in Mindanao.

In other troubled areas, American troops are fair game. But not in Mindanao!

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying I want the GIs to be killed. I am curious why they are not being targetted by militants.

I remember Michael Meiring. He is the American who was spirited out of a Davao hospital after accidentally blowing himself up at his hotel room. He is the reason over the long-running spat between our Mayor and the US Embassy. Among the items he left behind at the scene was his identification card of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

So, which side really are the Americans in the war in Mindanao?

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(8:35 a.m.)

4 Responses to “GIs no fair game in Mindanao”

  1. reyian Says:

    I believe that Michael Meiring is a CIA agent. I think the US government is conniving with these terrorists in order to justify US Army’s use of Basilan and other parts of Mindanao as training grounds and at the same time. According to some rumors, the bomb type was the same with the bomb that was used in the airport and seaport. I don’t know if its true but knowing history of how CIA and its operatives, it might be that the US afterall, is the one creating destabilizations around the world.

  2. US hand in Mindanao « Peter Laviña New Blog Says:

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  3. Davaoeno Says:

    Hello, I pasted a letter I saw from another blog site in GMA7. I also believe that there were sightings of American oil executives in the area around Liguasan marsh.

    To all Mindanaoans and Filipinos concerned:

    Didn’t you ever wonder…

    …Why the U.S. removed the MILF from its terrorist list?

    …Why the U.S. Navy, Army and Marines still has a strong but quiet contingent in areas throughout Western Mindanao but never engages in any firefight with the MILF despite the close proximity?

    …Why Ambassador Kristie Kenney unnecessarily visited an MILF stronghold a few weeks ago?

    …Why the United States government wouldn’t allow the Philippines Armed Forces to go on a full scale war against the MILF?

    …Why the US goverment heavily invested in General Santos City’s infrastructure (international airport, highways, etc) without a clear source of return on capital expenditure?

    …Why a planned 3-part episode of Mike Enriquez’ Imbestigador covering the U.S. military’s and the CIA’s presence in Mindanao was cut short to only an episode a few years ago?

    …Why the powers that be (both the U.S. and Philippine governments) aren’t really serious in developing Mindanao?

    …Why the U.S. is strongly but quietly supporting this MOA-BJE?

    Hydrocarbons. Pure, unadulterated crude oil. The lifeblood of the developed nations. Without which, the economies of the first world will collapse.

    Sulu Sea has very abundant oil deposits under its seabed. Discovered by the Americans almost two decades ago, deliberate and cautious planning was done to maintain the instability the Americans needed to create misdirection while they drill the oil offshore.

    Oil is of the utmost strategic importance for both the American government and, to an extent, to the Philippine government. The MILF or the so called “war” in Mindanao is of no importance to the powers that be as long as drilling of oil is not interfered with.

    I hope this gives everyone a new and different perspective. I hope no one gets hurt. It’s just business.

    Thanks and best regards,

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