I’m 163

My nine-year old son just woke up. This reminded me that I am 163.

That’s bantay bata for you Maria or nanny for you George.

Ha, ha, ha! You could not believe a busy person like me could be doing this task.

My wife Evelyn left for Manila, Bangkok and Shanghai for a business trip last Wednesday. So, for the next two weeks I am the housekeeper.

It’s really no problem with me. I can do all those stuff I learned from my mother when I was a teen – laundrying and ironing, cooking, washing the dishes, cleaning the house, putting the kid to bed and other house chores. I do these even if Evelyn is around. There are many occasions when she is busier than me and so I take charge of the house.

My only problem?

Teach our three teenage kids to do the same. Teens these days are different. (6:03 a.m.)


4 Responses to “I’m 163”

  1. mo Says:

    Well, it’s hard to be “inatay” Sir Pete.
    No wonder, you could not text back hahahaha.
    We understand.
    I agree, kids are different these.
    They even use your cellphones and end up with no more load!


    I keep my teen kids on their feet. My secret? I go on strike when they least expect it so they end up making dinner, tidying up the kitcher and even do the laundry (after all they only have to stuff their dirty laundry in the washing machine), take the dog out for a walk.

    On the whole, it works.

  3. maying Says:

    You remind me of my papa. From the time I was old enough to know that he worked as a radio announcer, up until the time he managed a very busy tv/radio station , he prefers to do his own laundry! And oftentimes he wouldnt use the washing machine! One time his big boss came by the house and actually chanced upon him hanging clothes to dry. Hehe..And that joke is forever rewinded every chance the boss gets. I miss my dad. Kudos to dads like you both. =)

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