Off to Manila

I am leaving for Manila this morning to attend the conference of the Governmental Affairs Committee of Akbayan (September 5-6), the legislative workshop of members of the Davao City Council which will be held in Makati (September 6-8), and the Philippine Travel Mart (September 7-9).

Not sure really if I can post in my blog.

(4:47 a.m.)


3 Responses to “Off to Manila”

  1. Schumey Says:

    Have a nice and fruitful trip. I have been very busy and have been remiss in visiting my friends in the blogsphere.

  2. taroogs Says:

    Councilor Pete,

    it was so nice to see you at the LGU Conference. tama kayo when you said that blogging present a huge opportunity for people (like us) to communicate effectively and efficiently.

    sana dumami pa lalo ang mga Akbayan bloggers!

  3. Schumey Says:

    Another case of saying one thing but doing another. She said that she will address the plight of indigenous people, so what happens to them now with this new EO? Talaga naman…..

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