Guilty or not, I believe Erap has long been acquitted by the people.

In the first election after his ouster, his wife and son won Senate seats in 2001.

In 2004, his close friend FPJ won as President except that “The King” was cheated of his rightful place at the Palace.

In 2007, the Filipino voters again went with Erap’s opposition group which clobbered the administration slate.

This voter behavior is backed up by the recent SWS September 3 Report on perception on Erap’s “involvement in corrupt practices” with 66 percent “Not believing” and 27 percent opining that he is “Definitely not corrupt.”

(7:32 a.m.)


2 Responses to “Erap”

  1. Schumey Says:

    Its now up to history to judge him. He has long been pardoned by the people and I must commend him for giving himself at the mercy of the courts unlike GMA who ducks everytime a scandal against her arises.

    She should be next in line along with her cohorts.

  2. Rhoel Says:

    Erap must be punish! And serve his sentence. That’s why our country is so corrupt because people like him (big fish) after being sentenced and found guilty is being freed. It sucks..because it’s waisting tax payer’s money and having a trial. We as a nation will never improve, will continue to sink with this kind of settings. Other countries, imposed a firing squad or death to people who are guilty of plunder. They are a menace, but here we are setting free an unrepentent person. We are a christian nation…fine! But where’s justice… If people like erap will be free then let go also all the people who committed lesser crimes than plunder who are in jail. God knows will happen to our beloved country!

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