ZTE and the May polls

The suspension of the national broadband network deal with ZTE proves that something is terribly wrong with it. Suspending it, however, will not actually solve the problem.

Congress and the Supreme Court should all the more probe the anomalous deal.

The bribe money for the transaction was quoted as high as $180 million. I suspect part of this went to the administration’s election kitty last May.

Hence, I propose that legislators pursue the investigation including this angle that foreign money were spent in the last poll campaign contrary to our election laws.

Pro-Malacanang senators elected last May – Ed Angara, Joker Arroyo and Miggy Zubiri – should be concerned that the money “donated” to them by the administration could be dirty and may have come from China.

(6:48 a.m)

3 Responses to “ZTE and the May polls”

  1. Schumey Says:

    I’m sure these senators will not even ask of where their funds came from, what is important to them is getting that senate seat. So much for principled “kuno” public servants.

  2. Global Voices Online » Philippines: Corruption scandal reaches the presidential palace Says:

    […] has chosen to leave the country rather than face his critics. Peter Lavina wants the deal to be probed by Congress and Supreme Court even if it was already suspended by the government. Wake T-Rex asks […]

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