$68 million question

I have not read Jarius Bondoc’s column yesterday until this morning.

He wrote “[Secretary Romy Neri] told me on that morning of Apr. 20 and several other times that not only a Comelec official but an influential businessman too was inordinately lobbying for ZTE Corp. The businessman allegedly was responsible for the sudden rise of the ZTE tag price to $330 million days before the signing, when its original offer in Dec. to Feb. was $262 million. What was the $68-million difference for, I asked in subsequent talks. Romy said the businessman was assigned to raise campaign funds for an administration party during the last election.”

Proves my suspicion correct that dirty money from China funded the administration in the last election. I am curious how much of this went to administration candidates in Davao City.

I ran under the opposition Liberal Party and aligned with the local Hugpong-PDP-Laban group of Mayor Rody Duterte. We did not receive campaign funds from the administration party. But some of my colleagues ran under Lakas headed in the city by then Majority Leader Prospero Nograles.

I hope some Senators would raise this issue when Neri appears at the Senate on Wednesday.

(7:14 a.m.)


3 Responses to “$68 million question”

  1. Aice Says:

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  2. Schumey Says:

    The quote of $262M is already overpriced by $132M. The actual cost of the project is $130M only. This covers only 35% of the country. To cover 80% is a little over $248M. I suppose the excess was for kickbacks and for the campaign kitty of the administration bets.

    I am sure that some of these monies were used in the last elections. At the rate the administration was conducting its campaign, I am sure that hot money was used.

  3. jaycee Says:

    I have a question sir, I hope you don’t mind. Is there a possibility that this so-called broadband deal be nullified? It seems as though they had bypassed a lot of qualified Philippine based companies on such project, when in fact they are able to do it just the same as what the ZTE offers.

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