Golden day

Today is my birthday, my golden day in my golden year. Yup I am 50 years old today!

Glad that this day is devoted as Bloggers Against Abuse Day.

My wish: Stop the abuses and liberty for the people of Myanmar.

Incidentally, today is also the founding anniversary of the National League for Democracy, the party led by Aung San Suu Kyi.

9 Responses to “Golden day”

  1. Mo Says:

    Happy birthday Sir Pete!
    I know this is your third and last term as legislator but we look forward to your comeback after a three-year rest.
    Because we need a sportsman in the City Council.

  2. Peter Says:

    Thanks Mo.
    I received greetings this morning from Netlog and a pair of sunglasses from my wife.

  3. ericzoo Says:

    Happy Birthday Sir! 🙂

  4. mark brazil Says:


    malipayong paghandum sa imong adlawng natawhan!

    mga pag-ampo alang kanimo isip pagduyog sa imong pagsaulog.

    kalagasik sa lawas ug panghuna-huna maa-anaa kanimo sa imong padayon sa tiunay nga pagpangalagad sa katawhan!

  5. taroogs Says:

    happy birthday konsehal pete! very auspicious day pala for burma itong bday mo… I hope and pray that it bodes well for them 🙂

  6. Peter Says:

    Big thanks to all well wishers and to fellow councilor Mabel Sunga Acosta for the wine.

  7. Kelvin Says:

    Belated happy birthday! ^_^ Sorry I just found out now. Hope it was a good one!

  8. Bong Amora Says:

    sir bro pete, better late than never. wishing you a happy birthday and best of health and more power. your friend Marlo Baldo convey his birthday greetings too. i met him last thursday night at obenoys basketball tournament (posted in my blog). and ambassador villamor still remember you. regards. bong.

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