Wanted 2010 bets

The ruling party has finally started its search for its standard bearer in 2010.

Two Metro Manila mayors, Sonny Belmonte of Quezon City and Bayani Fernando of Marikina, now the head of the Metro Manila Development Authority, are currently shortlisted.

The Lakas-NUCD is searching for one who has the following criteria:

Popularity, charisma, track record, integrity, leadership, competence and vision.

Looks to me that the seven requirements fit Liberal Senator Mar Roxas.

(5:28 a.m.)


19 Responses to “Wanted 2010 bets”

  1. Schumey Says:

    I must admit that Mar continues to impress me. His knowledge of the issues and the manner he addresses them is commendable. Unlike the others who have announced their intentions for 2010, he does not grandstand nor take advantage of the media.

  2. Manuel Says:

    Hindi ba Liberal Party si Mar Roxas?

  3. Peter Says:

    Precisely. No one fits that qualification in Lakas. But there’s one in the LP that has all the criteria.

  4. Prof. Toti Dulay Says:

    A lot of people from the cross section of the economy wanted Bayani Fernando as the president. He knows how to give homes to the homeless. He knows how to stimulate the economy. He knows how to create jobs. He is well known in his urbanidad and metro guapo campaigns providing good taste and culture to filipinos. He is nationalistic. He can clean the government of corruption. Sayang kung hindi magiging presidente si Bayani Fernando. Ito na ang chance ng Pilipinas na umunlad — papakawalan pa ba naman natin. Willing din naman syang maging presidente. Tulong tulong tayo. Tigilan na natin yang Erap,Gloria stuff. Nakakasawa na eh. Magbago na tayo. Bayani Fernando for President.

  5. Christopher Velasquez Says:

    Prof. Dulay is correct. We should all help put Bayani Fernando to the presidential post. He is one great, patriotic, experienced government executive. Sen. Roxas is intelligent and knowledgeable, if not an expert, especially on economic issues. I have high respects for him. But he/that doesn’t impress me as much as the accomplishments of Bayani Fernando. BF doesn’t talk as impressive or as vibrant as the senator does but when it comes to execution and action, my goodness does he do it so well! Talk is cheap. Magsawa na tayo sa mga pulitikong magagaling magsalita pero mahina sa gawa. Let’s stay away from the trapos. Let’s go for change. Not just in politics but in all of us Filipinos. We need a living hero to lead us to a continuing change. I think that hero could be Bayani Fernando. http://www.pollgenius.com/answer/default/pollID/4883/Do%20you%20want%20Bayani%20Fernando%20to%20run%20as%20president%20in%202010%20election

  6. Guillermo Prat Says:

    I agree with Cristopher Velasquez observation, BF is great material for 2010. BF with our own Duterte will make a fantastic combination. Other than these two people, none strike me as capable of leading with integrity and acting with the necessary competence.

  7. Kailyn Says:

    We agree with all of you! BAYANI FERNANDO is the man that fits to be the next President of the Philippines. Majority of us OFWs believed that Bayani can turn the Philippines around, what with his proven expertise in everything he had done for the benefit of the people. He’s a desciplined man and a man of few words but more actions. Kaya dito na tayo sa ating BAYANI ng BAYAN, BAYANI FERNANDO, please to those who share the same view, let’s help BAYANI win this GAME in 2010 for the benefit of our nation. Forget about the Senatongs aspirants, because we do believe NONE of those wanabe Senatongs could lead us to the right directions, istead they would only aggravate the situation and send us all to perdition. BAYANI FERNANDO FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!

  8. czar dimayuga Says:

    bayani fernando is the best filipino that ever lived period

  9. Badong Says:

    To be pragmatic about it, BF doesn’t need to be a president to effect the change that our dear country is in dire need. But if he does becomes a president, so much the better.

    His chances of being a president is slim. And that’s not because of any lack of qualifications but because of the systemic flaw in our election process and the people running it. It would take a massive overhaul in that system and in the mentality of the electorate to get a very prepared, honest and competent leader to get elected such as BF.

    Better for BFfor be a VP. Take a cabinet position and run an umbrella committe that will drive the DILG, DPWH and DOT towards “BUENAS FILIPINAS” – a macro version of his “Metro Gwapo”. He can then be a catalyst of change and an inspiration to the people that if they are more intelligent in choosing the best leaders in our country, there is much hope awaiting in the horizon for us.

  10. Kagawad Says:


    Kailangan pa ba i-memorize yan!!!

    Discipline, Order, Tough Administration…

  11. Badong Says:

    I hope this idea snowballs…Bayani Fernando(MMDA
    Chairman) & Jesse Rebredo(Naga Mayor) tandem in 2010! Both are transformational leaders and role models who can empower people and enable them to transform their communities through discipline…This is what the Philippines needs!

  12. Isha & Carl Says:

    BAYANI is the perfect man for MALACANANG, BAYANI is the MAN of ACTION for Filipionos rich & poor, ONLY BAYANI FERNANDO can TURN the Philippines around to it’s right direction, do we need to pass up this great opportunity? THINK!!! THINK!!! THINK!!! For those of you who love PEACE & PROGRESS, let’s all do our share, let’s do it now! let’s help & campaign for BAYANI FERNANDO for PRESIDENT!!!!

  13. redphoenix Says:

    tingnan niyo na lang muna qc bago niyo sabihing si bf ang best filipino ever lived…hello!…

  14. Wishyouwerefloyd Says:

    Is Bayani the Mayor of QC now?

  15. Wishyouwerefloyd Says:

    Well I have seen what Bayani can do and if he can do it to the whole country, it would be worth it. Filipinos need discipline and someone who would be strong enough to uphold the law. Bayani has always worked on the executive, never the legislative. He would be the right man to govern a country.

  16. Pink Says:

    We need someone with a Vision & determination to lead the country and we only see it in Bayani Fernando. Siya lang ang may maipakitang ebidensya sa kanyang nagawa na sa Bayan. Yung ibang presidentiables meron ba? mahihirapIpakita nyo nga? Puro lang sila salita wala sa gawa, puro papogi points lang sa harap ng kamera, panloloko sa mga mahihirap. Kaya kay Bayani na kami aasenso pa ang Pilipinas kung mahal. Bayani Fernando for Prsident!

  17. Val Lopez Says:

    i saw this entry in the blog of http://mackyramirez.wordpress.com/2008/11/05/when-did-bohol-become-part-of-metro-manila/

    Comment by Ronald Herrera on November 6, 2008 10:44 am
    I accidentally bumped on this article which was written by a group of Bisayans who called themselves “Circle of Founding Fathers”. This article by Yahoo as the besty answer to the question “who is your preferred next president of the Philippines”.

    To wit:

    “Whenever somebody ask who is the NEXT president of the Philippines, the top of the brand answer is always BAYANI FERNANDO…why?

    Just like the rest of them, I also prefer BAYANI FERNANDO as the next president because…….

    1. While Money Villar is working hard for money…insertions,behest loans, influence peddling, Bayani Fernando is in the field directing MMDA staff in fixing the drainage and water system of the squatters of Recto in front of Isetannn. Well, Bayani Fernando together with the Three Tenors, also raised money once in a while ….by singing and the beneficiaries are often the Churches and charitable institutions. Bayani Fernando agreed to join the Celebrity Duets and dont wonder if he donate half of his prize to the Caritas. Bayani Fernando has a soft heart for the Church because he was a Church worker (sacristan, yes, just like Basilio and Crispin), when he was a small boy.

    2. While Noli de Castro is leaving his first wife to marry a Muslim, Bayani Fernando was in EDSA Revolution with his construction equipments blocking the pro – Marcos tanks from open firing on the armless people in EDSA.

    3. While Mar Roxas is stalking Korina Sanchez ..appearing like a jologs teenager crazilly smittened with the oozing sex appeal of Korina, BAYANI FERNANDO is appearing presidentiable by sending people to typhoon stricken Panay.

    4. While Ping Lacson is being haunted by the public in the Kuratong and Dacer cases…. BAYANI FERNANDO will look at you straight in the eye and say in a charming Marikina accent na”wala pa syang pinapapatay sa buong buhay nya maski sino”.

    5. While Loren Legarda is marrying a married man now accused of murder, BAYANI FERNANDO has been a loyal husband to Marikina Mayor Marides Carlos Fernando (daughter of the old rich industrialist Meneleo Carlos) and a doting father to his only child Tala Fernando.

    6. “MAREA FROM Heaven” was dominating the political grapevine when GMA 7 featured the MAREA Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Ejercito and Arroyo in a primetime. FROM is Fernando, Roxas, probably Osmena again and probably Magsaysay again. Then HEAVEN, which is still too mystrious to predict. Then GMA 7 invited Bayani Fernando to join the Celebrity Duets and FVR has revealed a “slip of the tongue” in an speaking engagement that the next president is a bayani (hero) and a pink panther which of course he clarified the next day…the usual psywar charm of the dear FVR.

    7. Then there was a talk that Noli de Castro accepted a “downpayment’ for him to run for reelection as VP, and not as President.

    8.. Then the “C5 at Taga” scandal which effectively cut down Money Villar to a money making businessman masquerading as a public servant.

    9. Then people are printing BAYANI FERNANDO stickers and paste them in their cars….and reports have it that this BAYANI FERNANDO stickers and poster are sprouting all over the country.

    What is really MAREA FROM HEAVEN? It is the mysterious spirit that put an ordinary housewife, a lowly paid professional soldier and a college drop out into the Philippine presidency…(But hey, the Atheist group of UP Diliman is promoting the MAREA DeVil Team..whatever that is….)

    Well, all said, the direction is pointing to BAYANI FERNANDO becoming the next president….the script is FROM HEAVEN…..”

    Comment by tropicalrain143 on November 12, 2008 5:52 am
    What really scares me is that BF’s tack just might work. *shudder* Even though BF may not have that many supporters, vis-a-vis Villar or Noli who have vast amounts of money and machinery at their disposal, BF’s supporters are loyal and avid. A group of them have even taken time to make up this “marea from heaven” bullcrap and posted it all over the internet. It’s all over the place. It’s either that, or one of BF’s enemies has the crass craftiness of circulating disgusting propaganda in BF’s name.

  18. James Says:

    Noli for President Fernando for Vicer President

  19. skyblue Says:

    I also want Bayani Fernando as the next President.

    Marami na siyang nagawa. Sana maging malinis ang mga siyudad at disiplinado ang mga tao tulad na lang ng ginawa niya sa Marikina.

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