Air agreements

It has been four years since the new Davao (Bangoy) International Airport opened. And yet during this whole period no new foreign airlines entered the Davao skies.

I wonder what the national government is doing to promote this new airport, which cost us more than P4 billion.

Our own proposal for a pocket open skies for Davao to lure foreign air carriers has been gathering dust at Malacanang Palace since 2003.

There had been plenty of air talks held during the same period but I can only recall one where Davao was discussed. This was the air talks with South Korea which was held in the city.

Other than that, Davao is not being promoted by our air negotiating panel. It has also been four years ago when I proposed that Davao be represented in these air talks but again, this fell on deaf ears in Malacanang.

Clark on the other hand has been under an open skies regime, and represented in various air talks. The most recent of these are the renegotiation of air agreements with Singapore and Macau, and the new air talks with New Zealand.

We are being left out in the cold. Mga Davaoeno, Hoy Gising!


4 Responses to “Air agreements”

  1. jp Says:

    wasn’t the matter included in the resolutions passed during the 16th Mindanao Business Conference in Gen San? It should be counted as one…

  2. Eddie Bibera Says:

    Hi Peter,

    If the proposal was sent in 2003 and nothing happened then we can assume that it will not resurface again from the garbage bin. How about resending the open-skies proposal every year to Malacanang and to our congressional representatives and hopefully it will land on the right hands and they will act on it?

    Persistence is the key instead of patient waiting. For all you know, the 2003 copy was forwarded to Lucio Tan. 😉


  3. Peter Says:

    Thanks for the comments jp and ed.

    We did pass another City Council Resolution sometime September-October last year and Mayor Rody Duterte also wrote the President in November to follow it up.

    Still no word from Malacanang.

  4. joshua mabunga Says:

    Hope new flights in australia and new zealand…

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