Campaign kitty

It is now certain that the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections would push through on October 29.

Congress is now on break and cannot pass a new law to postpone it, and here is the best proof – Malacanang has started to give out campaign funds to its loyalists, members of congress and local officials alike.

So, if you are running in the polls, better hurry to get your share of the campaign kitty from your favorite politico, never mind if the laws says the barangay elections are non-partisan.

This government, after all, does not respect our election laws.


One Response to “Campaign kitty”

  1. Schumey Says:

    You said it, its the biggest violator of our laws. The barangays were supposed to be apolitical and yet they serve as the mass base for political parties.

    During the last elections, our barangay captain even went around with the administration’s bet. He even organized the campaign rallies of the administration bets. Our officials also went around asking for signatures during the cha-cha signature campaign. They are totally subservient to the DILG.

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