Peaceful Davao del Sur

I was in Davao del Sur yesterday for the birthday of my wife’s nephew in Digos City, 55 km south of Davao City.

After lunch, we proceeded to my in-laws farm in Sta. Maria, another 35 km south, where we witnessed the death of a young tarsier found by farm hands.

Other than that tragic loss, the province was a complete serene greenery of mango, coconut and sugar plantations. No troubles at all.

That is why I fully agree with its governor, Dodo Cagas, that the recent travel advisory of the Canadian Government was baseless.

I am certain that those bureaucrats in Ottawa have not been to this peaceful place. And yet they decide the fate of not just travelers but the whole province.

(5:42 a.m.)

3 Responses to “Peaceful Davao del Sur”

  1. AllenOa Says:

    Hi Pete,
    Why don’t DFA officials in North America address these issues with the respective Canadian and US govts ? The Embassy in New York seemed to jump quickly on something stupid said in a silly tv show (desperate housewives). I think travel advisories are more hurtful to the Philippine economy than whats said in a tv show that will be forgotten tomorrow.
    Then again, I’ve met enough non-Minadanaoan Pinoys here in the US who thinks Davao is too dangerous to visit. Drives me crazy. Bunch of ignorant f**ks ! Some from my own relatives who hail from Luzon.

  2. Lucy Bangle Says:

    Travel Advisory not to travel to Davao to Davao del Sur is a joke! Whoever is incharge out there on the issue of Canadian travellers is not getting the correct information. Whoever you are=”you should try travelling to Davao del Sur so that you will experience true order, serenity and peace. If you live in Manila sitting at that Embassy, I recommend you visit Davao del Sur where you can experience good food, real fruits & the true meaning of peace, lush environment & fresh air. I, of course, don’t recommend you go to towns & nearby areas inhabitted by muslims in Davao del Sur. Besides, my husband and I just came from Davao del Sur for 7 weeks, we travelled all over & did not hear, see or experienced any problems. Besides, we register at our names with Our Canadian Embassy in the Net, in there they said, “someone will call you to confirm your registration”—guess what! “none of our Canadian Employees” called you like they promised in that registration web site… So don’t bank on it Canadians – your tax dollars spent to employ them at the Canadian Embassy in Manila is certainly not well spent. As a Canadian National, you can’t even call your Embassy direct. You will be talking to a machine & charges Can $1.10 per minute. If you were to call with problems or trbls, you just have to leave a msg- shame, shame – AS CANADIANS YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO CALL YOUR AMBASADOR DIRECT – THAT’S WHAT YOUR TAX DOLLARS PAY HIM TO DO!!! DISAPPOINTING! I HOPE MR HARPER WILL CORRECT OR RESOLVE THIS EMBARASSING EMBASSY EMPLOYEES.

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