Moneyed communists

My hats off to the pragmatism of this political party that has transformed the world’s most populous nation from poverty to prosperity.

The formula of the Communist Party of China is both contradictory and opportunist and yet it works: communist in politics, capitalist in economics and baptized it as socialism with Chinese characteristics!

In its ranks today of over 73 million cadres, are about 3 million entrepreneurs, who were shunned from membership in the past as “class enemies.” The Chinese elite have in their pockets today, red books and fat checks.

(5:20 a.m.)

2 Responses to “Moneyed communists”

  1. Schumey Says:

    This debunks the myth about Communism which has been the AFP line all these years. It only shows that Communism and capitalism can coexist in a socialist state.

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