More than 3 times

The city-state of Singapore is so small that it can be just one of the islands in archipelagic Philippines. It has little natural wonders. Davao City is even 3-and-a-half larger than it and boasts of a number of natural attractions.

While the Philippines is happy in meeting its tourist arrival target of 3 million, Singapore has a record more than 3 times this number. And yet it is still striving hard to improve its services as a premier tourist destination.

More facilities are being built, thousands of workers being trained, and several signature events being lined up including the first night time Formula 1 race next year.


Whew! What’s wrong with Philippine tourism?

One Response to “More than 3 times”

  1. emperorbananaketchup Says:

    Simple. Singapore’s small size makes it easy to monitor. Our archipelagic nature unfortunately makes it easy for disruptive elements to go play hide and seek among our 7,107 islands.

    Likewise, the imprint left behind by the indomitable Quaker Lee Kwan Yew ensures that its civil service is untainted by corruption and that the three ethnic groups represented – Chinese, Indians and Malays – think themselves as SINGAPOREANS first. Only one other country has managed to pull a comparable feat – Switzerland.

    Now, if we can only hire Lee’s services to whip our government in shape…

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