Millennium Baby

Remember our search for Davao’s Millennium Baby at the start of year 2000?

Well, the baby is now an 8-year old healthy and bright boy. He was born closest after the strike of midnight on January 1 and vested five others born minutes into the new millennium.

As chair of the city’s Millennium celebration in 1999-2000, I kept track of the young boy.

When he turned 5, I asked NCCC Mall for a special gift. And so on New Year’s Day, his birthday three years ago, the mall treated him and his family to free movies, snacks and rides and games at Timezone.

When he started school, I asked the Holy Child School of Davao, one of the best in the city, for a scholarship. He’s doing good at school I am told.

Belated happy birthday to Patrick Mille Ortiz!


2 Responses to “Millennium Baby”

  1. Mama Says:

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  2. mela Says:

    Nice entry. Patrick is one lucky child. Hope we can see his picture 🙂

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