Hidden cost

Lucio Tan’s airlines have followed the successful seat sales of Cebu Pacific with Air Philippines offering P88 seats. Philippine Airlines has its discounted fares too.

CebuPac started the seats sales war with its popular P1 and now P8 fare.

These prices are, however, misleading. Excluded from this incredible prices are fuel surcharges, insurance and other fees. From P1 as advertised, the actual fare Davao to Manila actually cost passengers more than P2,000.

In Australia, the government is drafting legislation requiring “component pricing” to advertise the final cost. Hidden charges mislead consumers from such fantastic offers.

We need this kind of law too in disclosing the actual price of airfares. We are only fooling ourselves in believing that airfares are as cheap as P1 or P8 or P88.

Here is more to understand Air Fares Aren’t Fair at all.

(5:51 a.m.)

One Response to “Hidden cost”

  1. Gary Covington Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your post ‘Hidden Costs’.Had a whack myself at the topic in the SunStar the year before last.

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