The City Council is in charge of the flag-raising ceremony at City Hall tomorrow. Our neophyte councilors were given the task to prepare a brief program headed by Councilor Rachel Zozobrado (3rd District).

I was asked to be the main speaker. I will discuss promoting C2G-G2C or citizen-to-government and government-to-citizen communication via the web such as my advocacy in promoting blogging as tool for participatory governance.

I was also invited as guest tomorrow at the regular Monday media forum at SM hosted by the Davao Press Club. There, I will discuss, among others, my privilege speech last week on seeking higher IRA share for cities and my projects for 2008 including the Business Plan Challenge, Consumer Welfare, and promotion of Davao-made products such as those under our OTOP – One City Ten Products program.

(11:03 a.m.)


One Response to “Flag-raising”

  1. Guillermo Prat Says:

    AFTER three years of not receiving funds from the National Government, Davao City’s third district has now more than P120 million for its much needed infrastructure projects and other basic services.
    “The Third District has been deprived for almost three years,” Representative Isidro Ungab said on Monday. “But now we have received P127 million allocation for the district.”
    The above lines come from a local daily a few days ago and two things are relevant:
    Why did we allow this to happen? What did the city council do about this?
    Secondly, how are the uses of this fund/s coordinated with local city plans, if at all.?
    I hasten to add a third concern: what about the other two districts?
    You did say you want to promote citizen to government communication so, beware!LOL

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