New Bacolod airport

The national government has just opened the new Bacolod-Silay airport.

I read the news in a number of online versions of national newspapers. However, none described the exact location or how far it is from downtown Bacolod.

Calling the attention of news reporters and editors. The obvious one important information readers and travelers who are not from Negros would want to know is how far this new airport is from Bacolod.


2 Responses to “New Bacolod airport”

  1. meldy Says:

    Does it matter to know how far the airport is?
    If anyone is to land on the new airport they don’t have a choice. Its the only airport that airlines land on in Bacolod!

  2. Peter Says:

    It is often a disincentive if the location of the airport is far from the city center. Travelers always consider distance and cost. It may be the only airport and forces those from Bacolod to use it. But for others, like in my case from Davao, I have to think twice in going to that city if the airport is far.

    I went to Rome by train from Paris and flew out on my return. I did not know the airport was far out from the city center. I stayed near the train station and my cab ride to the airport cost me 80 Euro. The taxi fare was almost equivalent for an airplane ride from Davao to Manila.

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