I have not posted regularly because there had been an absence of, if not a very weak, internet signal in my house lately. I am pissed off with this damn bad PLDT DSL service.

My brief comments on the Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada testimony in the Senate on the scandalous national broadband network (NBN) deal are in the news today. I noticed however that the print version is more complete. The online version had two glaring differences. I said “People are fed up with the infighting of the elite.” The online version mentioned “fighting of the elite.”

I also premised my conclusion that Lozada “was part of the scam” when he was willing to reduce the overprice at the level “hindi bubukol.” This was totally omitted in the online version.

There is a TV report that the Catholic bishops are calling for a crusade for “truth” in the light of this latest witness account on the NBN deal. I hope they are not selective because in the case of the massive cheating in the 2004 elections, the CBCP prefers to shut its mouth, and thereby help hide the “truth.”

(10:50 a.m.)


One Response to “Truth”

  1. Guillermo Prat Says:

    Truth in the Philippines? difficult to imagine because the wistle blower ends up being the accused, or have we forgotten what happened to Ed Panlilio when he revealed little goodie bags last year. He is now the relentless victim of one huge effort to remove him, same with Jesse Robredo in Naga.
    Lozada to me is a heroic figure who I hope will not wilt into oblivion. One wonders what happened to the Hayatt 10, 10 people who left governmetn because they could no longer accept what was happening. It was not just over the Garci tapes that they bolted. Like Neri, they know much more yet they shy from revealing the “truth” they know. You and I can always speculate why their silence.

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