Kosovo will become the newest country today when it declares its independence. The US and a number of EU countries are expected to immediately recognize the new nation in cold-war era Yugoslavia.

It has been under UN supervision since the genocidal attempts by Serbians to cleanse it out of ethnic Albanians.

My friend, Davaoena newshen Ayan Mellejor is at the thick of this historic moment in Pristina, Kosovo’s capital. She is working there for the past 3 years serving initially as Information Officer, and now as Administrative Officer of the UN contingent.

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One Response to “Kosovo”

  1. ayan mellejor Says:

    Quite late….thanks to Moses for the info about your blog story on Kosovo. Nice to be witness a historic event…although it’s only one side declaring it…it remains to be seen on Kosovo’s future (economic, political and security stability).

    Let me correct something…yes I was previously regional press and info officer for UN’s Civil Administration …but not an administrative officer – am working as Civil Affairs Officer.


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