Defiant diplomat

The ink on the most recent US travel warning to the country’s troubled south had hardly dried up when no less than its top official here defied it.

Ambassador Kristie Kenney went last weekend into the “lion’s den.” Thus, she became the first US top official to ever visit Moro separatists at its stronghold in Shariff Kabunsuan in Mindanao.

The visit was “private” yet the diplomat urged leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, blamed for many violent incidents in the south, to resume peace talks with the Manila government.

Her visit proves that it is safe to travel to even the most “feared areas” in the Moro heartland.

I say those officials at the US State Department issuing travel advisories should go back to their drawing boards. Their envoy here is one of the frequent travelers to Mindanao.

Incidentally, this Indonesian consul feels safer in Davao and Mindanao than in Jakarta, Los Angeles or New York.

One Response to “Defiant diplomat”

  1. AllenO Says:

    Hi Pete,

    The sad part is that this was not even reported in any of the news outlets here in the US. I don’t think that many Americans realize that the US govt has created a third front in the so called “war on terror” in Mindanao. I guess it allows them to keep calling it a training exercise and the US military serving as “advisers”. But I do remember Oliver North reporting for the pro republican FOx news on the “brave Filipino soldiers fighting the Abu Sayyaff”. I think they showed the US military building a school and being surrounded by children. Hearts and minds, shades of Vietnam perhaps ?

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