People power fatigue?

Protest actions are in fashion again these days with renewed calls for the Malacanang Palace occupant to quit over rampant corruption scandals in government.

For the first time since I became an activist since high school, I am not taking an active part in these recent mass actions.

I fully concur with Akbayan that this fresh crisis calls for system, rather than just personality, change. What our nation need, and very badly, is a thoroughgoing system reform. Changing leaders at the top would not have a dent at all as shown by our experiences since Edsa 1 and 2. We had new leaders in Cory instead of Marcos, and Gloria instead of Erap but nothing changed because the system that breeds corruption remained.

Am I one of those afflicted with “people power fatigue?”

Well, I am actually busy building rooms for my children, and I strongly feel that this work is much more important that raising my fist again.

(7:12 a.m.)

One Response to “People power fatigue?”

  1. Guillermo Prat Says:

    Hi Peter,
    I raised my fist last Friday in front of the Ateneo Roxas gate as Bayan Ko was sang, something I did not do at EDSA 2. It was easy to do this because the theme was “tell the truth,” topic of one of your blogs. That was the call at that rally, “TELL THE TRUTH.”
    In contrast, a group at the back shouted for GMA to resign. i do not believe others joined their shout.
    It felt good to raise my fist again if it was only to sing one song, Bayan Ko.

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