Playing God

That’s the whole trouble of playing God.

When one takes the life of another, can a mere apology bring back the life of the victim? Will the New People’s Army saying “we’re sorry for killing Vicente Ferrazini” be enough?

Something is truly fundamentally wrong when rebels claim they wage a so-called “just revolutionary war” yet targets unarmed civilians.

No, your apology is not accepted.

(6:50 a.m.)

5 Responses to “Playing God”

  1. Guillermo Prat Says:

    “Sorry” does not cut it. A stupid act cannot be covered by mere words, someone tried that on national tv a few years ago, few believe her still.
    Get real guys, get out of the woods. Work in the real world were your concepts can be heard and decided on by the populace. Staying in the woods is an act of a coward.FULL STOP

  2. thewordwarlock Says:

    yes i totally agree with you. i have a big problem with groups preaching as though they are progressive and “for the masses,” then actually end up violating the rights of the masses they claim to represent

  3. thewordwarlock Says:

    just like in UP, a “mass-oriented org” called AKBAYAN-youth claims to be fighting for the poor but ends up supporting a 300% tuition fee increase in the university. they even attacked the other activists for always saying no to what the UP admin proposes. their stand is that UP should raise its own fund and not depend on the government too much. that’s a perfect example of left-leaning activists practicing neoliberal economics. these activists are hypocrites don’t you think?

  4. taroogs Says:

    konsehal pete, see atty Jae’s blog — — for more examples of “thewordwarlockisms” 🙂

  5. Peter Says:

    Salamat Arnold

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