Strike out

Those praying for divine intervention to oust the Malacanang occupant via the Catholic bishops should seek guidance from somewhere else.

For the third time, the bishops are a big disappointment to them.

First, at the height of the Hello Garci election fraud in 2005, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines did not support calls for GMA’s ouster.

Second, at the height of renewed calls to open up the Hello Garci scandal in the wake of the 2007 elections, the CBCP again refused to support such move preferring to help hide the truth.

And now, for a 0-3 at the bat, the CBCP once more rejected calls for GMA to resign amid the NBN-ZTE multibillion scandal.

I say change in this country lies in peoples’, not in bishops’, hands.


(5:40 a.m.)

4 Responses to “Strike out”

  1. Aurum Says:

    The bishops never learned. They hope as ever that Gloria will change. Haven’t they realized that everytime she’s cornered, she would promise the bishops reform. She then would take one step forward. But as soon as the bishops patted themselves in the back (and perhaps patted their pockets too), Gloria would take five steps backward. Classic recidivist.
    In the next few days, we will see the birth of one or two commissions and a big show of an investigation. There will be a flurry of consultations. There will be a token resignation, much like that of Yap during the last Arroyo crisis (but, surprise! he’s back). EO 464 will be amended but Raul Gonzales and Sergio Apostol as usual will have their own weird stifling interpretation. Then, after all the sound and fury signifying nothing, it will be business as usual, or with even more impunity because they got away one more time, for Gloria and her handlers.
    Come the next CBCP gathering in June, our poor bishops will be wringing their hands again, beating their breasts, gnashing their false teeth, and pulling at the remnants of their hair. Their only consolation will be that Mike Arroyo will feel a little bit the same because he will be recalled by Gloria from “exile”.

  2. maymay Says:

    Tama kayo… Dapat gawin ng mga ito, ipagdasal nila ang bayan kasama na ang mga tao sa buong kapuloan… Ibang rebulosyon na ang dapat gawin dito sa ating bansa hindi na yong nakagawian na ng pinoy.

    Ang dapat gawin ng lahat eh unahin ang pagbabago sa sarili. Disiplina sa sarili yan ang pinaka unang dapat gawin ng lahat.

  3. alvin dizon Says:

    CBCP leading us nowhere.

  4. Guillermo Prat Says:

    Peter, it makes no sense for you to say that Lozada is not a hero and the bishops have struck out for the third time. If the bishops have come up with a more strongly worded paper, maybe called people to the streets, would you go to the streets? Change lies in the people’s hands not the bishop, you say. Are you one of the people in who’se hands change lies or lays?

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