I delivered a privilege speech at the City Council yesterday which created quite a stir. I got mixed reactions. I would elaborate on Saturday when I appear as guest at ABS-CBN’s noontime radio show.

I described Joey de Venecia and Jun Lozada as fake heroes and called on the nation to focus on more important issues other than the telenovela that is the NBN-ZTE scandal.

OFWs to me remain as our genuine heroes. Unfortunately, we neglect their fights and plights.

(6:26 a.m.)


7 Responses to “Heroes”

  1. Guillermo Prat Says:

    Peter, the Mindanao Times carried your privilege speech today. “Focus on more important issues,” you say. Is that the “party line?” or is it, “Joey and Jun are fake heros.”
    Which one should I pick?
    I do not, can not and will never accept graft and the corrupt practices by anyone for any reason.
    Even the Bible teaches us that a repentant sinner will more readily open the gates of Heaven than a righteous person.
    I agree, let us do something about the OFW’s. They became my heroes back in 1995 when I saw them lined up at the Immigrations counter as I was preparing to leave for a business trip to Brazil. Their humble demeanor made me want to squeeze the necks of some immigrations people who seemed more interested in squeezing them for a bribe.
    We have many “issues” that need attention. The world has decided that graft and corrupution is much too much in the Philippines thus making it undesireable as an investment destination. Our efforts at improving the business climate in this city will generate minimal interest because of the bigger picture.
    So, let us stop wasting time with these whistle blowers because they were really part of the problem? We should have assumed the same line with Chavit Singson when he blew the whistle on you-know-who.

  2. bariles Says:

    councilor, I agree with you a hundred %. we should focus our resources on strengthening programs to help OFW families, and returning OFWs. Or better still, stem the tide of the outflow of so much talent by giving them more opportunities here in the country. i don’t think that’s a tall order if the senate, the lower house and malacañang get their act together.

    mabuhay ka councilor!

  3. Guillermo Prat Says:

    At Roxas Ave. yesterday, a rally was organized. What did the rally have?
    1. mono block chairs,
    2. buses from metro shuttle,
    3. people eating a hearty merienda,
    4. and a streamer saying”distabilizers-keep out.”
    Hakot crowd?
    Taking advantage of people’s need to eat and earn a wage for the day?
    That is what this search for “truth” has come to: spending money to cover the greed?

  4. cali Says:

    If Lozada is a hero, he should face his cases in the court and prove to the ombudsman that GMA ACTUALLY collaborated with the other officials for the corruption. Why is he on the streets when the true justice is on the court? Go to the court first and IF you are denied of a FAIR and HONEST jury, then that’s the time you go out the streets.

  5. Guillermo Prat Says:

    Ok, he is not a hero.
    He has been feeding us hogwash.
    Unbelievable the way he thinks we could possibly accept that story of his abduction.
    We have more important things to deal with.
    Let us not even waste the Ombudsmans time. A group that found nothing wrong with the COMELEC computerization deal even after the Supreme Court had decided that the deal is null and void.
    Even after a certain Gen. Garcia caught with over $100,000 by US Customs has not been convicted.
    As Max Soliven would say: what would you expect in a land of 55,000 lawyers.
    A graft case in court against a big fish will prosper?
    Unbelievable if we think it will happen!

  6. Fake Heroes - All the President’s Men | Moslemen Macarambon Jr. Personal Blog Says:

    […] speech at the City Council that OFWs remain as our “heroes”. Sir Peter said in his blog: I described Joey de Venecia and Jun Lozada as fake heroes and called on the nation to focus on […]

  7. Gabriel Says:

    I am an OFW and I’ve been here is Saudi Arabia for seven years now. I don’t understand why people are calling us “heroes”. I mean, I don’t feel like a hero and I don’t want to be called a hero neither … let alone the dead heroes who fought unselfishly for our country.
    The reason why I don’t want to be called a hero is simple …. we are here not because we want to save the Philippines from this kulilat economy. I am here, at least I speak for myself alone, because I want to provide my beloved family a decent life and a better future. The remittances that somehow save the Philippines from economic depression, wala pa ba tayo doon?, were but incidental and not actually meant to be. The real reason is because PALPAK ANG ECONOMIYA NG PILIPINAS. And because of that there are not enough opportunities here for a better and financially satisfying job. Tha’s why we have to go abroad. I mean, let’s face it … we are not heroes … we are VICTIMS. Victims of the promises of the corrupt politicians, except for the good few… but very rare, who’s only interest is to enrich theirselves with the peoples money. Just look at the recent NBN_ZTE scandal. Those who can’t take it any longer, I don’t know if they are actually sincere … I hope they are, came out from their hiding places and shouted … ENOUGH!
    Please don’t be brainwashed by those government propagandists, who for quite a long time now, had been diverting our attention from the truth by calling us “heroes” so that they can encourage us to send more dollars so as to boast that the philippine economy is recovering and improving. This is to cover their kapalpakan in managing our economy.
    The diaspora of Filipinoes working abroad is a sign that there is a problem that we have to address. Calling us heroes will not solve the problem because you will only look at our remittances and not on the reasons why we decided to go out . I would rather be called a victim. That’s what we truely are … victims of false promises ng mga magagaling na politiko.
    If you treat us as victims, you will start to investigate why? At dito magsisimula ang tunay na pagbabago.
    Salamat po.

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