The Supreme Court has started to hear oral arguments on the case filed by the League of Cities against the conversion of 16 municipalities into cities.

The lawyer of the League correctly pointed out that the creation of the new cities was “unconstitutional” because it did not meet the requirements set forth in the Constitution and the Local Government Code.

Defending the creation of the new cities, the government’s Solicitor General engaged in hyperbole. Her arguments were simply hogwash.

She was quoted to have said “The change to the Local Government Code was enacted with the understanding that the 16 municipalities and eight others will be exempt from the requirements.”

Ha, ha, ha! Unbelievable!

There has no change yet in the Local Government Code regarding the requirements since its enactment in 1991. There is, however, a pending bill in Congress exempting capital towns on the requirements.

Where the hell did the government’s top lawyer get her basis to exempt the 16 towns? What a lawyer!

(5:48 a.m.)


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