Vic writes 30

Victorio Sai, sports editor of the Mindanao Daily Mirror and president of the Davao City Sports Council, Inc., passed away yesterday morning.

He was 62.

His remains now lie in state at the Turin Room of the Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes along Camus St.

All the members of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) led by Chair William “Butch” Ramirez, who were opening their Mindanao Office in Davao City yesterday, were at his wake last night.

We will miss his popular sports column “Jumpball” and his indefatigable work in organizing sports tournaments and the So Kim Cheng Sports Awards, the country’s second longest running after the Philippine Sports Awards. I was with him last week during the awarding ceremony of the Primovit Chess Championships, one of his many pet projects.

Our condolence to his family and the sports community of the Davao Region.

Incidentally, this means more work for me. I am the 1st Vice President of the Davao City Sports Council, Inc. and I would take over temporarily its leadership until our next elections in April.

(5:30 a.m.)


2 Responses to “Vic writes 30”

  1. Says: says:i don’t know if i should say thank you for this info. vic sai used to be my seatmate when i was still starting out with mirror and for several years thereafter. he will surely be missed.

  2. atty. Iroy Says:

    Nong Vic i will dearly missed you. Daghan Salamat sa tabang nimo nako Nong.. Ikaw ug si Sensie ang nag mold sa ako to be one of your best student not only in futbol and as sports administrator kundi pati sa akong pag katao.. Many are angry at you then and now mostly your closest friends for some reasons or otherwise they only knew either personal or professional but from the time i knew and met you, hopefully before burial i could be there too, i never abandoned you and never will and will be with you till your grave as your student, friend, son and partner in sports.. God blessed your soul and i will continue to be your friend and son forever.. give my regards to sensie!

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