Back online

OMG I didn’t realize it has been over a month now since my last post. I moved to a new house and it took me a while to adjust to a life without internet service.

Now, I’m back online.

Sorry for our regular visitors who must have wondered what happened to this blog. I guess I need to rebuild my lost readers. I checked my stats and they’re awful. Gone where the days when I got hundreds of visits a day.

While offline, I missed plenty of things. I hope to catch up commenting on them in the near future. But here’s one good news that I feel strongly about. Another elected official has started blogging, according to Cyberbaguioboy.

Let’s all welcome Gov. Ed Panlilio of Pampanga!

Meanwhile, here’s an update on “In the News”

Councilor lauds tax break for the poor

Council shelves session for meet with PRA chief

5:49 a.m.

One Response to “Back online”

  1. cyberbaguioboy Says:

    glad to read updates from you Peter 😉

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