What to do with P142 Million?

Thanks to Nikki of the Mindanao Daily Mirror (Vote online and answer a P142 Million question), Erwin of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Davao councilor urges people to help decide in online vote) and Andrew of Alleba Politics (The national government owes us P142 Million). They helped spread the word about our online poll.

The City Council committee on Finance, Ways & Means, & Appropriation will hold a public hearing on this issue tomorrow at 9 a.m.

You might want to drop by to express your views, not just on how we should get the money but, more importantly, what to do with it.

Here’s one feedback sent to us by Frederick – see comments at Back online 4.

He suggests to unwire Davao and go Wimax!

5:18 a.m.

4 Responses to “What to do with P142 Million?”

  1. Boy Cubillas Says:

    Lend the money to entrepreneurs. Concentrate on the production and processing of food provided they use systainable technologies– no insecticides, no artificial ingredients, non-polluting to the environment, recycles waste, energy efficient or uses alternative sources of energy. For a more SUSTAINABLE DAVAO!

  2. arnel Says:

    Hello Councilor Lavina,

    Formerly from Davao and migrated here in Califirnia last year. Missed Davao so much and my friends there. Anyway, found your blog and would like to share my views. I could not understand why delay the IRA release till 2009 and so on. Second. why will the national government release it now at discounted amount (70%). Third, why borrow and pay interest. Too incomprehensible… “Burokrasya” na pud ni. Why not give to cesar what is due for cesar. Sorry I can’t understand the politics in that.

    Also, what is now the most pressing problem in Davao and the most underbudgeted and the most that would create an impact on the lives of people of Davao. I know you have the answer.

    Regards and congratulations to be an e-councilor

    Dr Arnel

  3. rene c. gonzales Says:

    Dear Councilor Lavina,

    I’m presently working here in manila and would like to share something on how to spend this amount which the national government owes us dabawenyo. Well I have been leaving for quit sometimes now in gem village and had been to so many meetings as to the cementing of our roads but up to now still there is nothing yet concrete proof that we could see as to the concreating of all roads in our village. So if we have the money I would suggest that we spend a little amount to at least pave our roads for we are very near the city but it seems our roads is just like our roads in the far flung barangays of tawi tawi. Thanks and more power


  4. George Says:

    Hello Councilor,

    That’s a lot of money. More than enough money to get us a couple more decent libraries, or something to promote reading especially among elementary and high school students. forgive me for this but i mean no offense: I think providing reading materials and promoting reading among our young is better than those calendars that is given every year by our local officials. Who needs calendars, anyway? But that’s just me 🙂

    Continue to do good, Councilor Pete.

    Thank you and I wish you all the best.


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