Dot davao?

Anyone interested to register the dot davao in the new web domain name era starting in 2009?

Described as the biggest change in the internet since its inception, the new web addresses would allow such names as dot anything like dot davao or dot kadayawan or dot lavina from today’s dot coms dot orgs or dot ph.

Well, it would not come cheap actually.

We need at least 250,000 British Pounds or P22.2 million!

7:24 a.m.

3 Responses to “Dot davao?”

  1. Jun Macarambon Says:

    its so expensive….

  2. Christian Says:

    If we can afford, why not? but, let’s face reality, we cannot just spend so much like that for a dot davao. the purpose is noble yet, there’s a need to feed the people of davao than a dot davao. It’s a great change however, we have to achieve the primary level of the Maslow’s heirarchy of needs. Hmmm… maybe soon, we can have a dot davao if our economy gets better and stronger.

  3. Guillermo Prat Says:

    Peter, let us fix the existing Davao City web site first. It is not at all useful. Take a look at other city sites, like Naga for instance. We are left behind in this race to sell Davao to the world.

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