Pro bono

I am 101 percent agreeable to the proposal for lawyers to render more pro bono legal services to the poor. This is to advance the adage that those “with less in life should have more in law” in the dispensation of justice.

If there are millions of Filipinos who have not been served by doctors, there certainly are equally millions too who have not been assisted by legal counsels. They have a common reason – no money to afford such services.

The proposal for the free legal services discussed at the Supreme Court forum is indeed most welcome.

But I believe that such pro bono service should not be given for those persons who feigned ignorance of the law.

Like this particular person who owns Queensland Motel in Davao.

The Queensland controversy had been with us for more than two years now. To claim that he does not know the law is pure alibi and seeks to win support by picturing himself as an underdog.

Sorry sir, your antics would not work to skirt the law. You have to answer for your folly of illegally reclaiming land that is not yours, and undertaking a construction project without the necessary permits from both the city government and the Philippine Reclamation Authority.

And in spite of repeated cease-and-desist orders, you openly flaunted your arrogance by continuing your construction.

I do not support proposals for government to confiscate his property. I concur with the PRA to compel the Queensland owner to restore to the original state portions of Times Beach which he reclaimed.

6:04 a.m.


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