Fourth of July

The Association of Descendants of American and Filipino Veterans and Masons in Davao City will mark tomorrow, July 4, the Filipino-American Friendship Day with a memorial at the Davao American and Masonic Cemetery at Father Selga St.

I received an invitation from its chair, Anthony Lutz, who wrote that this wil be the first time that they will pay tribute and honor the veterans on this historic occasion.

There are over 250 American citizens, veterans and masons buried at the cemetery just beside the city’s Catholic cemetery. A former Davao City Mayor, Pantaleon Pelayo, Sr. (served in 1940-41) and three City Councilors, Federico Opada (1938-41), Tiburcio Cervantes (1948-51) and Desiderio Dalisay, Sr. (1950-54) were buried in this cemetery.

The US marks July 4 as its independence day although the American Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 2.

The Philippines used to celebrate it own independence day on July 4 but changed it to June 12. Hence the fourth of July is now celebrated as Filipino-American Friendship Day.

5:45 a.m.


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