Davao City is still No. 1

Thank God, Davao City is still the No. 1 most competitive city in the Philippines. It remains as the best place to do business in the country.

Results of the latest ranking by the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center presented last night showed Davao City beating local government units in the capital Metro Manila. In the last survey two years ago, Davao City was tied for No. 1 with Makati City, the nation’s premier financial center.

A total of 90 local government units were included in the survey, metropolitan, mid-sized and small cities. Davao City topped two of six key competitive drivers and scored the highest rate among highly urbanized cities.

Key drivers:

Cost of doing business – No. 1 – Davao City

Infrastructure – No. 1 – Davao City

Dynamism of local economy – No. 1 – Makati City; No. 4 – Davao City

Quality of life – No. 1 – Mandaluyong City; No. 7 – Davao City

Responsiveness of local government – No. 1 – San Juan City; No. 3 – Davao City

Human resources & training – No. 1 – Marikina City; No. 7 – Davao City

Overall among the metro cities:

1. Davao City

2. Quezon City

3. Makati City

4. Manila City

5. Marikina City

6. Lapu-lapu City

7. Paranaque City

8. Muntinlupa City

9. Cebu City

10. Pasay City

Olongapo City topped the mid-sized cities while San Fernando, La Union was No. 1 among small cities.

Check the complete rankings here.

Noteworthy is Davao City’s improvement in two key drivers – Responsiveness of the local government – ranked No. 6 in 2005 to No. 3, and in Human resources and training – from No. 11 in 2005 to No. 7.

Kudos to the people of Davao City and its leadership led by Mayor Rody Duterte. Thank you too to the Philippine-Australian Human Resource Development Fund (PAHRDF) for responding to the city’s needs in improving HR development.

7:01 a.m.


15 Responses to “Davao City is still No. 1”

  1. jojie alcantara Says:

    congratulations to us. will post your notes on my site too.

  2. adz Says:

    Iba talaga ang Davao!

  3. Marco Says:

    Love to be here!

  4. Marco Says:

    addendum: Im happy also that Kidapawan (my hometown) has high rating within the small cities category. 🙂

  5. tjbrewed Says:

    Congrats to all of us! Congrats Davao!

  6. Winston Says:

    this is great! I’ll add this on my list of reasons why I should stay in Davao. 🙂

  7. Davao City: most competitive in RP | Ang Dabawenyo Says:

    […] you to Councilor Pete Laviña for alerting us to this piece of news! It’s something all Dabawenyo bloggers should proudly […]

  8. tonex Says:

    Nice. I don’t care what the rank says (whether we are no. 1 overall or not). For me, Davao City is the best place in the world.

    Minimal traffic, no typhoons, no toll gates… The women are beautiful…

  9. samJO Says:

    Ang masasabe ko lang????? WOW DAVAO!!!!!!!!!

  10. samJO Says:


  11. joshua mabunga Says:

    Still remain to be no.1… soar high davao

  12. cj Says:

    amazing place..love to be here!!

  13. Robert Says:

    Umuwi ako ng Davao after 4 of immigrating to the U.S.

    Tanong sa akin ng mga Pinoy sa California: Anong gawain mo sa Davao, iba nga nagkandarapang mga TNT dito.

    Sagot ko, well, Davao is the most livable and most competitive city sa Pinas, kaya uuwi ako for good. Pagod na ako sa Amerika. Trabaho – bahay, trabaho – bahay lang ang rota mo sa araw araw na ginawa ng Diyos.

    That was March 2000. Since that time three more times pa na naging most competitive city ang Davao.

  14. DUBAIGUY Says:

    from my hometown (davao city), to living in manila for 4 years and now in dubai.. I’d like to see myself wanting to go back to davao and not look forward to going to other countries than davao, philippines. one day… one day…

    Davao is blessed. I’m praying for more and more awesome blessings!!!

  15. pat jr, pads Says:

    I would like to comment on the quality of life category…i dont understand kung paano naging no.1 ang mandaluyong.what do you mean by it,perhaps bec. there’s so many highrise bldgs.?

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