I do not agree that mass transit systems like Metro Manila’s LRT/MRT will cause buses and jeepneys to stop running and just phase out.

The prognosis of this DOTC official is simply outrageous. He said “buses and jeepneys will voluntarily leave Metro streets” once the government complete its railway system.

The rail system cannot simply accommodate all commuters in Metro Manila. In fact, today it is running at full capacity and its operators plan to acquire more coaches.

In Davao, a university professor proposed that the city government adopt a bus system and do away with jeepneys.

During the 1970s, many subdivisions in the city have their bus system mostly owned and ran by homeowners associations. DDF in Mandug, Dacoville in Dumoy, Monte Maria in Catalunan Grande and our own subdivision in Maa, Gem Village, were among those with several units of 30-35 seater mini-buses.

High cost of maintenance such as spare parts, tires, fuel and labor led to the eventual death of this bus system. A number were taken over by commercial bus companies like those at Catalunan Grande. Even this did not prove viable.

A number of schools likewise had their bus fleets during the 1960s to 1980s. Ateneo and Philippine Women’s at Matina, Assumption in Agdao and Immaculate Conception at Bankerohan ferry their students from the outlaying suburbs of the city to the schools and vice versa. Now, Ateneo has totally stopped this service and the fleets of the others are now reduced to a few units.

Today, there are commercial buses plying routes in the outskirts of the city like Calinan. But they are outnumbered by jeepneys by as much as 100 to 1.

There are proposals for Davao to adopt a rail system too. But its taking too long for proponents to decide on it not to count the huge cost it would entail in building such as system in a market that may not have reached yet a critical mass.

I believe jeepneys would continue to be the main mode of transportation for our people and our cities. Even if the price of oil rise in the next ten years. I simply cannot imagine any alternative.

I think the greater challenge is how to make jeepneys more fuel efficient rather than propose its death.

5:52 a.m.

6 Responses to “Jeepney-bashing”

  1. Nick Nichols Says:

    It’s nice to have the perspective of history, Peter. Thanks. Interesting.

  2. lloyd Says:

    You have a nice and clean blog here. 😀 And I think looking at your photos and profile, you are a successful man now. 😀

  3. Guillermo Prat Says:

    How many PUJ’s do we have now? How many will we have 10 years from now when we would have reached a population of over 2M? Good luck on driving around the centro of this town! I wonder who will try to rationalize and maybe dream up a solution for what will surely happen if we still have PUJ’s as the main mode of transport ten years from now. Grid lock is what I see happening. Anyone want to bet?

  4. [splice] Says:

    Well, there’s that recent unveiling of electronic jeepneys somewhere in Makati, I think. Perhaps the passenger jeepneys ten years from now would no longer depend on oil assuming, of course, that these public utilities will evolve given the proper financial support.

  5. john Says:

    An MRT/LRT was proposed in Cebu more than 15 years ago and until now none has ever been put up for the simple reason that the total cost of building it still outweighs actual need.

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