Bragging trophy for Angelo Que

Even before he tees off for the 137th British Golf Championships today, I consider Angelo Que already a winner. His trophy – the bragging rights as the first Filipino golfer to qualify for this prestigious major.

Little is known of this Filipino ace in The Open. Angelo Que was the last qualifier in the Asian leg of the international qualifying tournaments early this year. He is the leader in the ASEAN Order of Merit and has two wins in the Asian Tour, this year’s Philippine Open and the 2004 Carlsberg Masters Vietnam.

The Philippines is not exactly a golfing nation, where the game is still considered a preserve for the elite. In fact, there are no public golf courses in the country. Although some are in public lands like military camps but their operations are for club members and their guests only.

Here in Davao, we have four courses – Apo, Matina, Palos Verdes and Lanang, which unfortunately is closing at the end of this month. But worry not. South Pacific at Catalunan Grande is now under construction.

Yet, the Philippines has a very successful junior golf program that always do good in international tournaments such as this one in California.

And many high government officials are into the game as if the nation is not in crisis.

Tiger Woods would not be in Birkdale today but the field is as star-studded. Angelo Que will be among the last to tee off. I hope that this does not mean that he would be at the tail end after the rounds. I pray that he would play well enough to make the cut. That would be another boast for him.

In the US Open last month, the Filipino qualifier Artemio Murakami did not only miss the cut, but he landed sadly  at the bottom of the board.

Filipino golfers need miracle shots like this one to make an impact in the majors.

5:35 a.m.

5 Responses to “Bragging trophy for Angelo Que”

  1. Manny Santos Says:

    I noticed the Philippine flag and Angelo Que at +1 (score) on TNT TV at the 137th British Open this morning. Impressed and naturally curious, I googled our kababayan. Thanks to your blog, I know more about him now. Well done, Peter!

    ang iyong lingkod,
    “matanda ” Manny Santos
    Las Vegas

  2. Allen O Says:

    Hello Councilor Pete,

    I think Angelo Que is the first Pinoy to qualify for the Open Championship in the last 10 years since Frankie Minoza who qualified, I believe also at Royal Birkdale ten years ago. Bantam Ben Arde also qualified back in the day in the Master’s and The Open and maybe even also the US Open.Quite a few pinoys have qualified although I am not sure if a Pinoy has made the cut in any of golf’s major championships.

  3. Peter Says:

    Thanks Allen
    I stand corrected

  4. Raffy Says:

    Hi Peter, thanks to your blog on Angelo Que, otherwise I wouldn’t have known meron palang pinoy na kasali sa British Open at the Royal Birdale. Lately I’ve been following the fil-aussie Jason Day (who’s been making most tournament cuts and earning a very decent living on the tour), who’s projected to be the next big thing as soon as he breaks through.

    Raffy Castillo
    Northern California

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