Thumbs up for the Chief Justice

I clap my hands for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court even if his stand lost in this case regarding public disclosure on the controversial free trade agreement between Japan and the Philippines.

Thumbs up for him and three other justices for upholding the right to information which the majority rejected by 10-4-1 voting.

The decision simply sucks! It makes the acts of governors – not to reveal diplomatic negotiations – superior than the sovereign people’s constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

8:09 a.m.


2 Responses to “Thumbs up for the Chief Justice”

  1. Guillermo Prat Says:

    With the earlier decision on Neri, what did you expect Peter? The decision simply confirms everyones perception that the SC is attached to a skirt in Malacanang. Wonder how the foreign business investors view the decision? Enrile in the news was quoted as saying: If the other members of the senate do not understand the provisions, then that is their problem. The main architect of martial law rules!

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