Hand signs

Oh, um . . . Am I in trouble here?!!

I just clapped my hands and gave a thumbs up for the Chief Justice and took my hats off for Angelo Que in my previous posts. Did I do something wrong?

Well, we need to be careful with our hand signs. Some people might misinterpret them and we might end up like pro athletes who are being fined or watched for hand signals used by gangs.

I wonder if fist bumps are consider as gang signs …!

America may be the land of the free. But they can’t seem to use their hands there creatively.

7:30 a.m.

One Response to “Hand signs”

  1. mark Says:

    you are right. we should be careful with handsigns. May kilala aku na gangsters and their way of identifying each other is through their genuine handsign. In davao, there are 3 main gangs: crips, bloods and thugs (just an info).

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