Madrid 2011

I am elated that the World Youth Day festivities ended successfully in Sydney yesterday. I now pray for the safe return of Pope Benedict XVI to the Vatican and young participants to their respective countries.

I brought this matter up because in the Toronto edition of this Catholic youth conclave in 2002, many Filipino youth did not return home. I personally know of some Davao delegates who stayed in Canada and others who slipped into the US and stayed there as TNT (tago ng tago) or illegally.

I know this because it become quite a scandal here four years ago. In fact, cases have been filed in court against the Davao youth leader who tried to make a fast buck by offering jobs in Canada and the US for those joining the trip.

Of course, many did not make it past the Davao airport. Unluckily for them, they paid sums to organizers hoping they can get a free ticket to the “land of the free and the home of the brave” via the WYD gathering.

One night during the election campaign in 2004, I received a phone call from one youth participant who made it to Texas. I was totally surprised by the call. She inquired how the election was going and wished me luck. I expressed my concern to her that life as an illegal immigrant was a difficult one. She did not seem to bother.

The next WYD celebrations in 2011 will be in Madrid, Spain, another magnet for illegal immigrants. I hope none of this would happen again.

6:35 a.m.

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  1. Madrid 2011 : (PBS) Says:

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  2. Patricio Says:

    Hi Councilor!

    Good evening.

    I’ve been browsing the blogosphere when I came across this blog of yours. I dunno exactly where to post this message of mine in your blog since I guess this is quite off-topic. But I hope you’ll forgive me from posting such.

    Anyways, since I believe you’re the only councilor who’s fond in blogging; I was thinking perhaps that you could establish a blogging forum for Dabawenyo bloggers. Same with the WordCamp Philippines. The WC is exclusively for WordPress bloggers, right? How about us Blogspot bloggers? I was actually envious about this bloggers’ meet-up. And since I’m currently here in your blog, as a Davao councilor and blogger, perhaps you can also put up a blogging community for us Dabawenyos and eventually put up a seminar anything about blogging.

    I think this is a very ambitious project and I believe you’re also very busy. But I hope this matter will make you think about pushing thru this project. This I think will also enhance Dabawenyos knowledge in the technological world, specifically the world of blogging.

    I’m hoping for your favorable response.


    BlogMaster of Patricio el Suplado Blog.

  3. Peter Says:

    Pls check at Mindanao bloggers; they are having regular eyeballs; they have a forum too

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