Medium as message

Congress would be in the microscope tomorrow as the Malacanang occupant delivers her State-of-the-Nation Address (SONA).

From where I sit, I see the House of Representatives depicting the real state of our nation.

Amidst the many crises facing the country, a number of which where caused by erroneous policies of this administration, the House is spending a huge sum for a facelift.

Starting with over P9 million for renovating the damage by a bomb blast last year, the House, under the new leadership of my district Rep, Speaker Prospero Nograles, would be spending P200 million for the makeover. It aims to polish its image post the Jose de Venecia era.

Ha ha ha! Unfortunately for the House. In spite of this cosmetic make up and more projects to cost a total of P1 billion, its image would not change a bit. To me, it remains to be the house of wasteful trapos (traditional politicians) and abode of lackeys of the Palace.

I just hope no eager beaver staff of the Speaker would place any marker in the House that would claim such and such renovation is a “Project of” you know who.

Speaker Nogie has proven to be Mr. Project for nothing. In our district in Davao City, the name and picture of the Speaker is plastered in all his projects. We all know that these projects are funded by taxpayer money, but the billboards portray as if these were his own. The name plates are of no ordinary make. In basketball courts, they are made of steel; in pavements, they are made of concrete. But in most cases, they are either tarpaulin or plywoods complete with his smiling face.

Not a few eyebrows were raised in Davao in the case of Nogie’s projects such as a high school and a mini park which were named after a relative. Who is that person?, many wondered. Former governors, mayors and other prominent leaders of Davao were not as lucky to have a school or a park named after them.

I believe profligate is just about the right word to describe spending P1 billion for a makeover when hunger stares a third of our people in their faces.

SONA? Oh, well …

S – something

O – only

N – Nogie can

A – answer

7:57 a.m.


4 Responses to “Medium as message”

  1. US Economics Says:

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  2. Dominique Says:

    Bullseye, Councilor Pete!

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