SONA rating – GMA 99%

A number of opposition solons boycotted the SONA. I am truly sorry for them. They missed the grandest show, err … fashion show, of the year in the Strange Republic!

Ok, as promised, here’s my SONA rating:

GMA’s hair – Oh my, it was short, and she, therefore, must have used less gel! – 99%

Her make-up – Well, just about the right touch. Enough to cover her thick skin! – 99%

Her earrings – Aba … she’s a lot better than Imelda! – 99%

Her attire – fits her right in coral pink. Although I doubt if either Senator Pia or Rep Risa, both genuine environmentalists, would don such terno – 99%

Her walk – truly outstanding entrance – everyone was asked to stand as if the national anthem was being played! Hmmm … again 99%

Her audience – wow! a superb cast of the nation’s beso-beso elite (in her own words – those with privileged lives) who like robots clapped their hands in unison many times, the loudest about the lowering of text messages by 50 cents. Ha ha ha! – 99%

Her speech – hmmm … sounds to me as the longest list of thank yous amongst members of a mutual fans club! – 99% pa rin!

Well, after the big show, she truly deserves to be called ninety-nine! She likewise merits the title of President of the Strange Republic!

Lights off, the show is now over!

5:06 p.m.


3 Responses to “SONA rating – GMA 99%”

  1. Dominique Says:

    LOL! Your stint as councilor has not dulled your sting.

  2. jayson Says:

    Mam pwede po ba na magsagawa po kyu na programa na
    makakakganda sa ating lhat
    i am 12 years old

  3. Souquero D'Cocco Says:

    Ang pinakamagandang programa ay yong pagsalaksak ng baga at chileng labuyo sa mg puwet ng mga baklang nagkakalat ng AIDS sa Pilipinas.

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