Davao-Bangkok airlink

The timing is bad given the dim prospects of the travel industry due to rising cost of fuel.

However, I believe local tourism industry players should strike the iron while it is hot.

The recent air agreements signed by the country has finally included Davao as a new gateway. I have been batting for this during the past five years and finally the Civil Aviation Board has acceded.

Short of our desired “open skies” policy for Davao, these new air agreements gave flight entitlements for the city from Thailand, Netherlands and Hong Kong.

My particular interest is Bangkok. As one of Asia’s main regional hubs, I have been proposing for air links between Davao and the Thai capital since 2003. Bangkok receives more than 1 million tourists a month. If we can lure even just 1 percent of that throng, Davao could easily double its foreign tourist arrivals annually! And that is not counting Thai tourists yet just to show how huge this market is.

Amsterdam is too far to make any plans for now. While flights to Hong Kong are now available.

So, local tourism industry players should not let this opportunity pass by. They should immediately work with either local air carriers or Thai airlines to mount direct air links between the city and Bangkok. This would give Davao a foothold in the booming Mekong Delta region that includes rising tourist destinations such as Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

I am confident we can develop a good market for the Davao-Bangkok sector not only for tourism but for trade and the overseas Filipino market as well.

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5:09 a.m.

5 Responses to “Davao-Bangkok airlink”

  1. Davao-Bangkok airlink : PinoyBlogoSphere.com (PBS) Says:

    […] However, I believe local tourism industry players should strike the iron while it is hot. Please continue here … […]

  2. Marco Says:

    this ive been waiting for!

  3. Marlet Badeo Says:

    I just wonder that a good councilor like you is alone in the battlefield advocating for a pocket open skies for Davao the same as that of Clark.

    What’s the Speaker doing there in the House and for what his influence in national policy formulation have in use?

    Regarding opening up Davao, I believe that Malacañang is afraid of the competition it poses to Clark and the businessmen there once this happens. Since GMA is from Pampanga, of course, she has to protect the interest of her Kabalen, never mind her Davaoeños kababayan who would benefit from an open skies policy.

    When I went there or here in Davao in 2001, I awed by its cleanliness. I don’t wonder why it earned a plum of being listed as one of most livable cities in Asia and the World.

    In our school report this year for my urban planning subject, our group choose to make Davao City as our case study – the rest all Metro Manila cities – because I found the many potentials it has, tourism included.

    Its strategic location in the south is a very good advantage. I suggest that you work with your fellow local officials to conduct official visits with your counterparts in the BIMP-EAGA region to discuss, coordinate and harmonize policies with your peers in the region.

    This is vital in national policymaking process. I also believe that it helps if the City Government give incentives to domestic carriers who would mount missionary flights to major cities in Indonesia and Malaysia from here.

    Davao should pursue aggressively its metropolitanization program. Maybe it could project itself as an “aeropolitan city” by pursuing an aeropolitan urban planning in tandem with an aggropolitanization urban plan for its peripheries. By choosing an aeropolitanization urban planning, it will make the city attractive to the logistics and cargo players around the world considering its strategic location in transhipment route in the ASEAN region and between Australasia and East Asia and between North America and the Middle East.

    Clark evolved from being a logistics hub to a passengers hub. But logistics operators has moved out because Central Luzon is so close to the East Asian market and China could offer the same advantage to Clark. Davao’s proximity to Australia could work to its advantage. It should offer its hub prospects not the likes of FedEx and UPS but others like TNT and other minor players in the logistics industry.

    Try this formula Councilor. It might work for Davao.

    Marlet Badeo
    from Manila

  4. mrloo Says:

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    See you there!

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